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Siege of Inaolia, The first game from Riftwalker Ltd, intends to put survival games on the map by offering a refined and fresh experience in the form of a game that pays heavy attention to story as well as a high replay value by means of dynamic combat, a game that promotes skill over spam while remaining easy to pick up. Set in the Dark Fantasy world of Ilastria, a world plagued by wars and magic as well as the orcs and their kin, you control one of three unlikely heroes in their struggle to survive within the ancient fortress of Inaolia, a task that they soon come to learn, has the very fate of the world in the balance.

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Renders/Screenshots - Near Final Inferno #4
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The only thing I could ask more would be castles or some type of large structures out in the distance.

The tower is a starting touch, but I'd like to feel like I'm in a larger world. (Like the tower, the regions of land in the far distance help.)

And when I say a larger world, I want to feel connected to something else larger than this instanced land (I'm assuming this is some kind of instanced Arena?). I want to ask myself questions such as "What's going on over their?", "Can I go over their?" or better yet, "I know that place!".

Something like Dark Souls open world where you can see other parts of the map and be like "Hmmm there's an area over their I haven't explored yet. I should figure out that later." or just plain nostalgia.

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Helmlock Author

One of our goals is definitely to make you feel like you're part of a larger world, we're going to be trying something really great with the survival arenas.

I don't want to spoil anything just yet but you'll understand soon but for now just think 'bastion' style narration but darker.

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I would think about putting some fortification walls around the castle or add a similar amount of detail as the terrain is atm the tower looks far too clean. With it being in such a hostile environment as fire and brimstone look it might be worth making the stone work look weathered cracked and some visible damage in places maybe chunks missing from the stone work that is obvious from a distance. Other than that its a really awesome looking environment, interesting to look at good modeling and texture work and well planned out. Looking forward to getting this.

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Inferno's nearly done, we've still got a few tweaks to throw in but for the moment it's pretty much almost done.

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