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Shootout Mayhem is a twin-stick roguelike game heavily inspired by Nuclear Throne. I put it together in the space of two days to demonstrate the difference between a protoype and a polished game - but it's perfectly playable!

Play as one of three characters:

  • Taquito Jones, a gunslinger with a frustration problem
  • El Gato, a mysterious cat fond of leaping at things
  • S.P.U.R, an experimental robotic lawman

Fight against black hats, sentient tumbleweeds, angry ponies and - ultimately - T.R.A.I.N, the evil cousin of S.P.U.R! Acquire a variety of wild west and weird science weapons! Gather experience and improve your skills! There's a whole three levels!

The game is open source (GPLv3 and CC0).

You can play it online.

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Shootout Mayhem


I made Shootout Mayhem to demonstrate that it's possible to make something like a full-featured action roguelike / twin-stick shooter in two days. So while it's fairly basic in some ways, it's perfectly playable. :)

The entire thing is open source, so if you'd like to study the code, or even fork it and improve on it, go ahead. The graphics are public domain (CC0).


In the game, you play as one of three weird characters shooting their way through a wild west environment, trying to bring down T.R.A.I.N, an, er, evil robot.

Playable Characters

At the start of the game, you can choose from one of three options, each with a special ability and a passive bonus.

shootout mayhem 1

Taquito James


This gunslinger slash edible wrap has a bit of a frustration problem. Enough missed shots, and may fly into a rage of blazing guns and destruction.

Passive Ability: Double XP Gain

El Gato


This mysterious and potentially criminal cat likes to launch himself at his opponents claws first, leaping over walls at rapid speed.

Passive Ability: Extra HP



This experimental law-enforcement automaton can fire a fan of spikes to calm and incapacitate nearby opponents.

Passive Ability: Extra Speed


shootout mayhem 4

The minions of T.R.A.I.N are dangerous and, uh, varied.

blackhat Black Hat

Your generic bad guy. None too fast-moving or fast-thinking. Armed with a gun.

tumbleweed Sentient Tumbleweed

More rapid-moving but rather fragile.

pony Angry Pony

It is unclear why these ponies are so angry, but T.R.A.I.N has tapped deep into the well of their anger. They rush forward and punish you with their hooves.

train T.R.A.I.N

An experimental public transport service gone dangerously wrong, T.R.A.I.N is behind a depraved epidemic of vice and violence. Also, he has a Gatling gun. Ouch.


When you gain a level, you are presented with a variety of upgrades to increase your potential for mayhem. Some of them combine to powerful effect with your existing abilities...


That's enough for now. Go play the game!

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shootout mayhem

shootout mayhem

Full Version

Download of Shootout Mayhem, a free roguelike action game with a western theme.

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