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In short, the game will be suitable for gamers of all skills. There won't be any bullet hells and the game will be noob-friendly, so if you never played shmups before it won't matter, but it will be required of you to get slightly better with each level apart from upgrading your ship wisely. There will be strategic and tactical moments in the game, so some thinking and reflexes will be required as well.

It's a shoot `em up type of game set in a fully 3d space environment with several twists gameplay-wise. Most of the game will be played in a top-slightly-angled view with occasional exceptions during transitions through and around alien structures.

I moved this project from OGRE to Unity to reduce the development time. The price of that is the significant loss in performance (in some parts Unity is even 3 times slower than OGRE).

At this point the game is far from finished, I didn't even implement all the game features, mostly because I didn't make all the graphics, animations and whatnot.

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Players will be able to pick one ship from multiple available. Each ship will start with predefined set of different abilities which you'll be able to improve as you see fit during gameplay upgrades. Each level will be randomly generated thus making game re-playable, which is not common in shmups. There will be more unique features, but since levels are generated randomly, there won't be any nasty surprises such as insane bullethells as bullethells are usually predictable in shmups and always can be passed in the exact same way, throwing a random bullet hell onto the player would definitely end the game.

I'm still not satisfied with how things look, so I'm still mostly making and altering 3d models, drawing and redrawing textures. How long this will take I'm not sure, but since it's early on in the development I would appreciate your feedback about the graphics, that would really make me not waste time with something gamers don't want to play and would move on onto next project, and I have quite a few of them lined up.

So please comment and/or subscribe as watcher and ease my decision process. Thanks!

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