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Shard Games is a competitive sports game similar to real Olympics on Earth. However, there is one tiny, little difference: it’s fatal.

To survive and win, sportsmen and sportswomen, you’ll have to kill each other in a variety of ways but mainly with explosives! What’s more spectacular than a nice explosion?

There’s a diversity of game modes for you to try, including TD (Team Deathmatch), FFA (Free for All), CTF (Capture the Flag), Death Run, and Zero Gravity Fights – with a lot more to come!

Key feature of the gameplay is the weapons that you chose, and the weapons are … bombs! A huge variety of bombs. Help your team by taking a shield generator bomb, or some healing grenades bombs! Perhaps you prefer to take the enemy down by surprise? Mines and traps! You choose how you’ll pave your way to victory! Prove you’re the one who’s worthy to hold the title for the best sportsman/sportswomen of the Shard Games – the most dangerous sport competitions in the habitable galaxy!

Game Features
Gameplay is mostly based on killing your enemies with explosives. Simple TDM and DM matches are special game modes which’ll provide you with more unique and interesting gameplay.

To date:
- 5 types of bombs: Fragmentation, Sticky, Incendiary, Mine, and Shield Generator.
- 3 game modes: TD, FFA and Hex Arena.
- 2 maps: City and Stadium.
- Global and team chat.
- Start your own server and play with up to 9 friends.
- Realistic physics for projectiles and bodies.
- Currently compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.
- Cross-platform multiplayer.

What will be available before Steam release:
- More types of bombs.
- Improved graphics and network synchronisation.
- Steam integration (achievements, friends, cards, etc.).
- Open access for testing new maps and game modes.
- Controller support.

What will be added in the near future:
- Competitive ranked games.
- Matchmaking.
- More game modes.
- VR (Virtual Reality) headset support.

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For 11 months we were developing Shard Games, in April we have passed Greenlight and now we released it as Early Access game in Steam. We are glad that we have out small community that supports us.
Though, there is a lot to do, but i think that we made a major step in right direction.

Ingame Screenshots and more info

Ingame Screenshots and more info


Screenshots of bombs that are already in game.

Greenlight and Trailer!

Greenlight and Trailer!


Gameplay is based on killing your enemies with explosives. Except simple TDM and DM matches there gonna be special game modes that provides you with interesting...

Shard Games Teaser

Shard Games Teaser


Shard Games - sport competitions, that are similar to Olympics on Earth. But there is one little difference - they are dangerous and.. fatal. To survive...

Shard Games - Some bombs from the arsenal

Shard Games - Some bombs from the arsenal


Shard games - sport competitions, that are similar to Olympics on Earth. But there is one little difference - they are dangerous and.. fatal. To survive...

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Jan 16 2017

Released v0.3 with new Halloween update! Now with 75% sale on Steam! #indiedev #indiegame #shardgames #gamedevT.co

Oct 30 2016

Finally, 0.2.0 is out! Fixed major issues with player connection and made some minor fixes! #indiedev #indiegame #shardgames #gamedev

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Aug 9 2016

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Aug 9 2016

We are aware of networking problems, so right now we are fixing them and adding matchmaking system. #indiedev #indiegame #ShardGames

Aug 8 2016

Yesterday we released our update 0.1.1 Fixed problems with settings and in-game spawn. Full list of fixes on our Steam page.

Aug 2 2016

Our Early Access trailer here#indiedev #gamedev #steam #shardgames #trailer

Jul 31 2016

Finally, on 29th of July we released on Steam! Store.steampowered.com #indiedev #gamedev #steam #shardgames T.co

Jul 31 2016

Поддержите нас в Steam Greenlight! Steamcommunity.com #indiedev #gamedev #Steam #greenlight

Apr 3 2016