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The borders of reality start to crumble as an unseen threat breaks its way into the world. As its evil influence grows, seven unlikely heroes hear a call to action. Unite them and see how their lives and stories intertwine as they fight against impossible odds to protect all that they hold dear.

Septaroad Voyager is a fast-paced RPG set in a charming 3D pixel world filled with 2D pixel characters. Roam a massive continent full of interesting characters and dangerous enemies across forests, plains, mountains, deserts, and more fantastical regions as well. Play in a set world or randomize it for a unique playthrough every time.

Gather heroes from around the world. Play using the default heroes or use the customization menu to make your party unique.

Unlock new abilities, bonuses, and equipment for your party in 14 unique character classes. With weapon power that scales with different elements, and equipment that alters your speed and other abilities, there is no single solution to every situation. Create the party that fits your style.

You can give manual orders at any time, but as your party gets bigger and the enemies become more dangerous, you will need your allies to fight independently. Unlock new tactics slots. Fill your tactics slots with conditions and actions for your allies to perform. You can program your party to heal each other, drink potions, attack enemy weaknesses, and set up powerful combos, all without additional input.

Septaroad Voyager includes source code and an editor with everything you need to create your own adventures. Or build an entirely new game using all of the assets included. Share your creations on the Steam Workshop for everyone to experience.

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Septaroad Voyager is in full development, with the prologues finished, starting towns built, and dangerous lands giving you plenty of adventure between towns. We've been adding lots of new content and new enemies. Let's show you what we've been working on.

For those new to the game, this is the kind of combat you'll see in Septaroad Voyager. You give your party members programmable Tactics inspired by Final Fantasy XII's Gambit system. Your party then fights in real-time or RTwP battles.

Each of your seven heroes are made from customizable "paper doll" sprites.

You level-up your characters using a skill board, where each tile unlocks an ability and makes new tiles available.

The look of the game is largely based on the art style from our previous title, Himeko Sutori, but with inspiration from some new games like Octopath Traveler, Triangle Strategy, and Wandering Sword.

Our game, Septaroad Voyager, is currently in early access on Steam with a procedurally generated campaign. Right now we are focusing on building a huge handmade story-driven campaign. We're putting the finishing touches on the starting areas and getting underway on the scripted encounters that make up the campaign.

At the top of this post you saw a battle taking place in the Drowned Road, a dangerous swamp that all travelers must pass through to get from Oppidum to Winter Post. The Drowned Road is haunted by the undead. You'll also encounter froglins, swamp moccasins, giant crabs, and other dangerous creatures.

We've been trying very hard to build a world that feels large and diverse, every area with a unique look and feel. For example, here's South Pass, an evergreen-covered mountain where our heroes are fighting snowmen and mountain rams. It's a very different setting from the swamp of the Drowned Road.

In Septaroad Voyager, you'll adventure through snowy mountains, scalding deserts, deep forests, windy hills, and lots of other locations.

For each area, we work hard to get the look right, using lighting, fog, color grading lookup tables, and post-process effects like Sobel edge outlining and a colored vignette.

While we were building the world and showing off snippets of our work, a friend gave us some valuable insight. He said to us:

What kinda rubs me wrong is that your store page leads with "The borders of reality start to crumble as an unseen threat breaks its way into the world" and some other rhetoric it doesn't really indicate visually. It really just looks like a bunch of dudes whacking flora and fauna because they can. I'm all for whacking monsters with misfits, but a looming threat needs presence lest it just sounds like marketing.

And we thought that we really do need to add more enemies that convey what's at stake.

We're going to be adding more bosses throughout the game. And we're also going to be adding some otherworldly threats.

You should be seeing lots of dangerous new enemies like these in the upcoming campaign. We hope to have chapter 1 ready for you later this month. Follow us here on IndieDB, @HimekoSutori on Twitter, and wishlist on Steam to get the latest news!

New Towns in Septaroad Voyager

New Towns in Septaroad Voyager


We have been working on Septaroad Voyager for a while, so it's about time we start telling you about our progress here on IndieDB. We recently finished...

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