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ScrumbleShip is the most accurate space combat simulation devised to date. Gather resources, construct a capital ship out of individual blocks, then pilot it with AI or human help against other players.

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With the addition of heat damage based on real life material science, ScrumbleShip marches towards being the most accurate space battle simulation of all time.

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Another month, another 97 items on the changelist. Whew!

The largest addition in this version of ScrumbleShip is our heat engine - Fire a laser at a block and it will heat up and spread its energy based on real material science. Did YOUR space game's developer stay up to the small hours of the morning pouring over scientific papers on the specific heat capacity of type L and H chondrite?

No. No he did not. But I did. And, hopefully, it shows:

Ruined Tungsten

ScrumbleShip is slowly taking shape, striding towards our goal of being the most accurate space combat simulation known to man.

Want to join us? Click the fun icons to visit ScrumbleShip.com or our IndieDB page:

ScrumbleShip IndieDB


P.S. Changelist:

  • Fixed many tiny bugs.
  • Fixed bug with holding down the left mouse button.
  • Fixed non-loading of odd objects and materials.
  • Fixed error message spam during loading.
  • Fixed crashing on some older ships while taking statistics.
  • Added airlock animations.
  • Added/tweaked sounds for door, airlock, light, suit refill, foundry, and connector.
  • Fixed statistics screen glitch.
  • Added more colored lights.
  • Attempted to fix a graphical defect.
  • Adjusted how blocks are selected for the reticle.
  • Added Wazubaba's animated terminals.
  • Fixed up the suit refill station.
  • Improved caching speed and accuracy.
  • Added light re-combulator.
  • Used light re-combulator in the loading function, instead of the old slow method.
  • Added 100% transparent blocks to engine.
  • Added Wazubaba's clear pane and clear block.
  • Added several blocks.
  • Fixed a minor bug with fps and 2d sections of the game.
  • Added clear block edges.
  • Added clear block corner.
  • Added clear medium edges.
  • Added clear medium corners.
  • Added CRT background.
  • Partially implemented new font.
  • Upped maximum number of lights.
  • Added bad temporary flashlight.
  • Several minor fixes for temporary flashlight.
  • Added jumping.
  • Improved jumping.
  • Adjusted error messages.
  • Fixed component options.
  • Fixed a block select screen component issue.
  • Healing algorithm sped up massively.
  • Animation algorithm sped up massively.
  • Did some background work for efficient use of the heat engine.
  • Large speed increase on several key parsers, including the main ship-to-gpu parser.
  • Added main heat algorithm.
  • Added TotalThermConduct to each block, to speed up heat calculations.
  • Added temperature to F9.
  • Added chunkcheck system, to speed up various algorithms.
  • Added TemperatureStable to the chunkcheck system.
  • Improved how the loading function deals with block placement.
  • Added new blockselect graphic.
  • Added "demo" mode.
  • Added blowtorch mode.
  • Added info mode.
  • Added weapon mode.
  • Added icons for new interaction modes.
  • Streamlined left/right click algorithms.
  • Added new temperature graphics.
  • Added temperature interface in block select HUD.
  • Added melting point interface in block select HUD.
  • Fixed lighting problems.
  • Fixed block picker problems.
  • Added method to cull large numbers of invisible blocks.
  • Added method to reduce drawing of semi-visible blocks.
  • Included Wazubaba's optimized metalbeam.
  • Adjusted the various checks to work the same way temperaturestability does.
  • Made numerous functions for the various checks.
  • Added RemoveIt check, which marks items for removal throughout the ship.
  • Added Worklights.
  • Added Melted block.
  • Added folding wall chair.
  • Corrected massive, horrendous bugs with the check system.
  • Fixed up heat engine.
  • Added melting and re-solidifying of blocks.
  • Made heat transfer more inaccurately accurate.
  • Added a ton of heat transfer data to existing materials.
  • Added new materials.
  • Adjusted all known materials to have correct heat math.
  • Added more materials: Bronze, Brass, Lithium, Beryllium, Uranium, Osmium, Synthetic Diamond, Obsidian, Graphene, Marble, and Corundum (Ruby). Yeah, the game has rubies now.
  • Added strafe jumping.
  • Made jumping dependent on surrounding blocks for momentum.
  • Improved accuracy of heat engine to within 1% of real world values for most block types.
  • Added boiling block.
  • Sped up temperature gauge.
  • Made laser mode require a laser from the gun locker.
  • Made hand laser scalable with middle mouse wheel.
  • Made hand laser do damage based on temperature.
  • Made hand laser use energy.
  • Make blocks redden as they heat up.
  • Fixed ship name bug.
  • Added error noise for certain events.
  • Improved picker behavior.
  • Fixed error that caused heat to stop propagating early.
  • Added mutex for heat stability.
  • Fixed errant heat test that was fouling up voxel damage.
  • Made lights deactivate when melting.
  • Fixed problems with heat stability that caused it to either finish early or never finish.
  • Fixed a problem with being able to see into the space-between-spaces.
  • Fixed another visibility error.
  • Made "debug" items not available to the player.
  • Added several non-working items to "debug" status.

Very cool. I like it a lot.
Is there air in the game?
Big list of changes you have there!

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dirkson Author

Not yet, but there will be!

Those funny blocks behind the cockpit of the ship are part of the atmospheric system. I've found some data of the thermal properties of air, so I ought to be able to model it relatively accurately - Though I may have to fake convection.

I also intend to do basic pressure simulation - That whole I blew in the ship would have caused all the atmosphere to zip our rather quickly.


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dirkson Author



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