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Scoregasm is an incredible, variety rich shooter with a non-linear, branching paths style galaxy to explore. It's pretty, accessible, fun and really rather good! Blast your way through the galaxy's many varied levels! Use your skills to change your route, find new levels, new enemies, unlock bonus challenge stages and fight the bosses to discover multiple endings! Linux users: Scoregasm is a 32bit app, so you'll need the appropriate 32bit libraries installed to run the game on a 64bit system. IndieGames.com says: "Scoregasmic! One of the best space shooters of 2011 by a good light year or two."

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This game is probably one of the best available on Desura and compatible with Linux! It's Geometry Wars on steroids, it is worth every penny! Get it!


meklu says

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I pre-ordered this earlier this year and it's been awesome. Really, really awesome. Your mind will be blown by this game! The levels are awesome, the challenge levels are awesome and EVERYTHING ELSE IS AWESOME TOO! SO AWESOME THAT I'M WRITING EVERYTHING WITH CAPITAL LETTERS! BELIEVE ME, BELIEVE ME!!!


I'm playing this under Linux, and loving it. If you like shoot-em-ups, or just fast paced arcadey games, you have got to get this. It has a really nice difficulty curve, and put a smile on my face 10 minutes into it. Some things I like about it:

It has really nice joystick configuration options. I'm using a Dualshock3 (qtsixa) under Ubuntu, and Scoregasm let me configure it perfectly. A lot of joysticks have strange axis, especially dual stick ones, so it's nice to have the detailed configuration options.

It's a dual stick shooter! I LOVE traditional 2D vertical and horizontal shmups, but it's nice to play one of these sometimes.

Really nice variety of enemies, with their own unique movements. It's great fun each time you see a new type.

It's like playing a 360 Space Invaders clone inside an annoying small box (or in this case a circle). Too limited and too small to offer anything beyond an hour's diversion.


This is honestly one of the best dual stick shooters I've ever played! Lots of levels, great music, devious challenges and shiny visuals!


Not "just another twin-stick". This has an awesome variety of levels, challenge stages and an ingenious "choose your path" mechanic to keep the replay value high.

I have tried both the steam and desura versions; both crash on load with "display driver has recovered from an error". Many people suffer from this error, as can be seen at the developer's own forum without sany solution.
I can't recommend anyone buy this game until a fix is available.


Scoregasm is frelling awesome twin stick arena bliss. The short range area attack provides tactical fun while the level progression offers replay depth. The better you do in a level, the more level choices you have when you leave it. You can begin at any unlocked level and tune the difficulty curve to your mood as you go. When you've beaten the initial difficulties, there's still challenges and an expert mode to take on. At least try the demo!


A serious non-serious shooter! Easy to pick up, and much less confusing than any screenshots will make it look. Plays well on a keyboard and mouse, too.


One of the few great space shooter, which stand out from the collection of the genre and are available for Linux.

Anyone who has ever played games like "Geometry Wars" under Windows/X-Box will love this game idolatrous!

I can definitely recommend it, but be warned: It's addictive! :D

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This game is probably one of the best available on Desura and compatible with Linux! It's Geometry Wars on steroids, it is worth every penny! Get it!

Oct 12 2011 by cbrunos