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"The future has a habit to unpleasantly surprise everyone who makes plans for it."

- Alastair Reynolds "Redemption Ark"

Whenever a threat emerges in outer space, a squad is coming to the rescue.

You are the Commander of a squad working for the S.O.S. Your primary task is to rescue civilians across the galaxy and to eliminate all emerging threats, ranging from raiders and ruffians to unidentified forms of being never encountered before. It’s up to you to go for a stealth run or to turn things into a bloodbath. But there’s yet another decision to take, the crucial one: when you finally make it to the civilians, you won’t be able to help everyone.

Choose who will live and who will be left abandoned - build yourself a name and get the privileges of a revered rescuer or make a fortune by saving those who pay and enjoy the power that money can give.

No matter what you choose, remember: SPACE NEEDS YOU!


  • Experience a captivating storyline inspired by sci-fi classics
  • Sneak past your enemies or kill them all in a tactical turn-based combat
  • Team up with various allies to make the most of their distinctive traits
  • Build your own strategies to make it through boss fights
  • Protect civilians, keep them safe and escort them to EVAC-zones
  • Your decisions matter - it’s up to you to decide who is to be rescued or left behind
  • Complete the story in your own way - 3 different endings based on your choices and playstyle along with an extra one
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First of all, we want to tell you about our game-mechanics and its main activities.

1. Interaction with the world. The game is based on 3 basic principles: quest search, quest completion, development of your fleet and fighters.

  • Quests can be found anywhere in the form of coordinates, received in the open space as a distress signal with a request for help or by talking to an NPC.
  • The execution of quests in most cases comes down to the classic battles in order to save or neutralize. They are presented in two versions: space fights, with the participation of ships and ground battles, with the participation of squad members.
  • Space battles take place in a simple turn-based system. During the turn, the player chooses a point of movement and action (shooting, defense or otherwise). Depending on the ship modules installed, the nature of tactical actions may differ and change over time. The game-mechanics of ground battles is copied from X-COM and in fact is no so different, but it has much more options for equipping fighters, as well as inventory that can be used right on the battlefield, changing weapons and modules.
  • The development of the fleet occurs in the horizontal and vertical planes. First of all, it is possible to regulate the type and number of ships, and to manage the ships you need human resources (captain), which you have to look for. And further, various housing colors, ship implements (which need to be calibrated), armor and other modules will be available for customization. The development of fighters will base on a leveling-up system. At each promotion, several class abilities will be opened for the fighter, of which only one can be selected. However, there will be cyber implants in the game, which change the static characteristics or add new skills to the fighters.
    Equipment and weapons will be available for purchase on space bases, obtained in battles or provided as a reward for contracts. All armor can be customized, and weapons upgraded with additional barrels, sights, butts and other accessories.

  • The reaction of the world to the player's actions. SOS is designed as a space sandbox. In this regard, each choice made by the player will change the course of the development of the galaxy. Thanks to the actions of your unit, the degree of influence of corporations, the fate of various planetary colonies, and the main plot of the game will definitely change.

3. The relationship between the worlds of different players. Although our game is single-player, it is planned to implement the basic statistics and rating system: from the number of killed space-pigs in the sum by all users, to the total account that determines the most powerful captain of the SOS universe. The rating will be informational only and will not give in-game advantages.

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Interview with the sound engineer of the project

Interview with the sound engineer of the project


They say that the Space is devoid of matter, therefore there is no sound. But in the Saturated Space of ours there is sound, and today we would like to...

Ruthless cannibals

Ruthless cannibals


Hello everyone! In today's issue we will tell you about one more inhabitants of our game - cannibals. We'll touch on the source of inspiration, then move...

Say hello to the whole Saturated Space!

Say hello to the whole Saturated Space!


Having analyzed everything, we realized that the game has a lot to be fulfilled and there was no need to talk about all the changes in the technical part...

Development Diary #3

Development Diary #3


In SOS there are some stellar systems (unknown at the start) you’ll have to visit to find new technologies and move further through the plot.

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New Bild

New Bild


A turn-based tactical adventure in the boundless universe. Lead a squad and set a course towards distress calls. Extinguish fires, remove obstacles, eliminate...

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