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Dorian found his destined lover. Dorian's heart was stolen by his lover at the first sight. However a jealous devil took his lover into his realms. Dorian must descent into unknown depth to find his lover.

In the depth of mystery, Dorian must be aware of creatures, the beings that are crawling in the dark.

"Dorian, wear this mask, you must not look directly into their eyes. For eyes are the windows to the souls. Their soul is made out with sins and filth. Hide your innocence to not be spoiled by their sickness."

Binding of Issac like game with protagonist wearing mask. Venture this mysterious place to find your lost lover.

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HaHa Isn't he cute? Let me introduce the first zombie type monster in this game.

(original concept)

He was originally planned as an ugly frog like monster with free hug sign.

However frog seemed unfitting for a slowly moving zombie like monster. I wanted to use mammal.

Though pigs are very handsome and cute, I decided to use them as my "ugly and slow-fatty".

I am a bit bitter however. It took me a full week to draw him. In other words, I was not able to advance in terms of programming.

I can only do either coding or drawing. I need a way to manage my time to be effectively develop this game.

i am planning to focus more on coding next week. Hopefully I will be able to come up with more interesting "in-game" news next week :).

Equipment Slots. Monster Art Direction.

Equipment Slots. Monster Art Direction.

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Added equipment slots. Now entities can equip an item to a slot. Explain thought process for the monsters.

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