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New Fighting Game in 3D




I made almost all by myself the building and the character are from me thanks to Blender 3D.

I am Eddy chief executive kof kof of OEDIPE GAMES or OEG and I want to present you a new very nice fighting game made by an indie.

And you want to know the best? It is totally free!!

It is a Keyboard control game so no need of a Controller! Good for the poor one like me lol

You have 5 inputs everything is explain inside the trailer and inside the game itself!

It is in 3D so you can see all details and flaws?!

Well I think you should definitely click on the link I put below:








SAKURA'S FIGHT, KEYBOARD FIGHTING GAME, inspired by Street fighter, provide great effects for a nice experience of combat in 3D. BLENDER, MIXAMO and UE4...

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