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This INDIE videogame is under development by djinngames software.
dg copyrights © 2010.

Initial game date: 14/11/14.
Last update: 20/01/16
Update: 0.0.1
Project title: Ryukami.
Game Classification: platform, sidescrolling, action, adventure, ROL.
webpage: Ryukamigame.blogspot.com


- Sense features:
Modern pixel art graphics.
Suitable and semi-tech music environment.

- Game features:
Adaptable graphic level.2D real time shade rendering.
Multi resolution support.
A huge number of levels to play.A lot of diferent environments of level themes.
Some challenging goals to play through the game.
An innumerable quantity of items and unlockables.
Customized skills for your characters.
Variable story mode.
A suitable and simple ROL playing system.

This game is needing your help to be released, such as your backing/sponsor.
Stay informed about the development and new updates at the game's official webpage. And also, thank you.

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Skill update (0.0.2)


Added skills to the inventory items that can be used in battle.
Some skills can be obtained randomly by just finding weapons in level drops.

There are 2 tipes of skills: Active / Passive.
-Active: This kind of skill can be used anytime you want, just by pressing the
corresponding key there are for the skills. (Q, W, E, R, T)

-Passive: This skills are used automatically, by a porcent chance or just granting
some stat bonuses.

Game Credits

Game Credits


Credits and team developer, What about the gameplay, and more...

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