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The game takes place in one of the many worlds of the multiverse, called the Mah'abyss. The story begins in a land called K'ar Kaaros, where Queen Aurora, blessed by the Lightmaker, rules. The Bloody Harvest - is the name given to the times of her reign. To fill the vessels with the spiritual energy that keeps her Master's life, she sacrificed thousands of lives. Thus was born the cult of the Mourners, which now controls the land.

Assume the role of Derek Ericona, a lord destined for death by treachery, who avoided it in favor of a more grim fate. You're in for a great adventure inspired by games like Castlevania and Dark Souls. Bloodthirsty monsters, divine creatures and epic boss battles. The game’s story is shaped by choices that will define your journey.

  • Metroidvania - Unlock unique upgrades for movement and combat to expand the world. Maintaining the game's progression requires you to use different relics, items and abilities.
  • Challenging bosses - Test your skills against multiple bosses and other creatures from the Dark Ages. The game will constantly test your patience as you face challenging battles that require their own unique approach..
  • Combat galore - You must use an ever-expanding arsenal of weapons and equipment to repel a wide variety of enemies. Put your courage, skills, and resolve on display for them.
  • Exploration - The game features a huge world represented by a variety of hand-crafted levels. From fog-shrouded ruins, where undead corpses cling to any living being passing by, and shambling figures emerge. To the Sun-city that hides in the labyrinthine of an ancient tomb where an unspeakable evil lingers, long forgotten by mankind.
  • Non-linear exploration – Play through levels and bosses, discover side areas with more secrets and enemies to defeat.
  • Weapons and Equipment – Your character can be armed with bows, scythes, longswords, whips, pistols, rifles, and many more traditional weapons. More exotic weapons will also be available to you, so use any means to achieve success.
  • Multiple Endings – Make key decisions along the way to determine Ericona's fate as you progress through the story.

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Greetings, friends!

Welcome to "Lovecraftian Days" on Steam!

Skelethrone 1920x1080

First of all, we would like to thank all of you who have played SKELETHRONE: THE PREY and left your feedback.

In order to prevent you from getting bored, we would like to invite you to play the demo version of Skelethrone: The Chronicles of Ericona if you haven't already played it at previous festivals. The demo is available on the game page.

The events of the demo unfold right after the end of THE PREY. New bosses, weapons, enemies and characters are waiting for you. Leveling up is now extremely important, as the main character in the story (SPOILER: dies at the end of the prologue, but is reborn again, albeit losing all his skills.)

It's worth noting that all the changes made (improved animations, impact, etc.) from THE PREY have not been carried over into this demo, as it's technically difficult at the moment and would take too long to implement.

Currently, all efforts are concentrated on improving and finalizing the main game version based on community feedback.

This demo still has a lot to offer, so I hope you enjoy it.

It is highly recommended that you play Skelethrone: The Prey before tackling the demo.

Skelethrone: The Chronicles of Ericona - Release Date Announcement!

Update #3 ver.

Update #3 ver.


The time has come for a new update. All your requests have been taken into account and the following is a list of all the changes in update

Skelethrone: The Prey - Out Now!

Skelethrone: The Prey - Out Now!


A fascinating adventure game inspired by Castlevania and Dark Souls is now available on Steam. It's free!

Skelethrone: The Prey Release Date Announcement

Skelethrone: The Prey Release Date Announcement


It is with great excitement that we announce Skelethrone: The Prey to be released on March 14! The countdown is on! Only 2 weeks left.

Skelethrone | Demo is available

Skelethrone | Demo is available


We are super excited to let you know that Skelethrone: The Chronicles of Ericona is a part of the Steam Next Fest: February 2024 Edition! Which means...

loverboi_belmont - - 31 comments

looks like its a great game

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