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Two men are arrested by the police, and accused of murdering the richest automobile importer's wife. You control one of the suspects in the brief dialogue between him and his partner. Explore every consequence of your decisions, find out the true story behind the case, and cross your fingers when the judge reads your sentence

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Hello there. I'm Bruno Martínez, part of the brand new Loupoli Studio, and i'm here to officially open the news segment here in IndieDB, and give you some more information of our game in progress.

In Argentina some cool stuff is going on. There are free and open workshops of game development, with mentorship given by experienced developers. One of them is called Game Work Jam; is a long term gamejam, and we are part of it.

There, we decided to give a shot doing our first game: a short, dialog-based game, with a noir aesthetic, and a catching story, called "Ruta 14" (Ruta is spanish for Route).

For 3D we will be using Blender for environment, and 3ds max for the characters. For programmation, we will use Unity.

(Screenshots are still in Blender's preview. I'll upload Unity images soon. As you can see, things still are plain gray. Materials and textures are the next step.)

It all happens in a police station: You are one of the two thugs blamed of killing a really important woman, and you have a really brief time to talk with your partner. What will you say? How will he react? Will you both go to jail? Will he tell it's your fault? Will he take the guilt so you can go back to your wife?

We have deadline for July, so, this week will be full of news. Don't forget to follow Ruta 14!

Stay tuned and see you around!

(Comments are welcome!)

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