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RPG World Online (RPGWO) is an old school 2D, 8-bit, online, sandbox, open world, multi-player, dynamic role playing game. How is it any different from the gazillions of other ORPGs? Well, the driving goal is to create a simulation type world with RPG gameplay, thus: “Where simulation meets gameplay!” It is a dynamic world. Maps can be changed and almost all items and such can be made and/or destroyed. An empty world in which players can build it the way they want! It has been around since 2000. Version 6 is the one currently in Alpha stage of development and very playable. Version 1 and 2 are complete and playable. I need play testers for version 6 but please also check out version 1 and 2.

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I did not use a game engine for the client. It uses normal Windows API in C#.Net. I have never really been about flash and flare but mainly focus on features and content. Why? Well I needed to learn VB6 long ago then now I want to learn C#. Coding a GUI was always a challenge and using Windows API solved that. Thus this game will not appeal to everyone but you can run it on pretty much any PC :)

Also the graphics are very basic and simple. I did them all myself. Getting a decent artist to stick around for free is harder than a rock. I would rather spend my time on coding and content thus graphics don't have the flash of most games out there.

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Some features currently implemented:

  • combat: unarmed, dagger, sword, axe, mace, bow
  • trade skills: mining, blacksmith, farming, masonry, carpentry, alchemy, cooking, bowyer
  • land ownership
  • town building including NPC control
  • procedurally created world map with a rich set of biomes to explore
  • caves and ruins to explore
  • loyalty rewards for returning players after a wipe

Some planned features:

  • magic: wands, offensive, defensive, boosts, warp, summoning, necro, wards, etc
  • armor: metal and non-metals (leather, clothe), also adds damage type like thrust and bash
  • jewelry: for boosts to skills
  • elemental damage and armors
  • active NPCs (I plan for some to behave like players, roaming around, breaking stuff)
  • events and open story line
  • taming and mules
  • hunting and fishing
  • more town building code (this is a major feature I plan to spend a lot of time on)
  • dungeons and more explorables
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RPG World Online V2 Setup

RPG World Online V2 Setup

Full Version 1 comment

This is the original updater from 2000. It supports connecting to version 1 and 2 online worlds.

RPG World Online V6 Setup

RPG World Online V6 Setup

Full Version

Version 6 Setup. Installs the updater. The updater downloads the latest version of the game files and run it.


Not a virus been at this game for years. Mike is right about the delphi false positives.

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mkudlo Creator

It says the install program is "Sape.Heur.Gen!c" and/or "SAPE.Heur.8f4c" ??? It is the install program by Inno Setup. How do I resolve this?
It installs the updater program which then when run copies files from my website, including the main game .EXE.
Sounds like I need to get it signed or something?
You can goto my games forums at rpgwoforums.com and see that it has been around a long time and is safe.

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mkudlo Creator

Ooooh, Inno Setup uses Delphi and Delphi seems to get a lot of false positives when it comes to Anti-virus programs. Well, maybe that is it, not fully sure.

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