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You are the invader attacking the alien horde in this genre-flipping roguelike shooter. Game-play is smooth and resembles old-school isometric games, with some modern touches and HD graphics.

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We’re pretty excited and we want you to know why: We released a demo of Rogue Invader!

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Rogue Invader DEMO

After languishing developing relatively buggy alpha builds, we’ve finally finished a demo--still slightly buggy--that we want you to play. It’s the culmination of the last four weeks of work and we’re proud of what it shows.

Things that are awesome about this:

  • The Carrier. three main screens that provide you full customization of your weapons. Other aspects like armor and scientific research are still being developed
    • Arms locker: design weapon blueprints. These allow you to design weapons as you gain access to all the mods. Be careful though: you can’t take a mod to the surface you haven’t built and put in your inventory.
    • Forge/Labs: Build your inventory from materials you harvest on the planet surface and beam back to the carrier before your soldier dies. Research weapon upgrades in the labs so you can build more of the weapons aliens drop when they die.
    • Launchpad: load up and launch. Get ready to drop to the planet and collect as many resources and weapons as you can before you die.
  • Grenade explosions. And explosions in general. There’s some programming pride tied up here, so you don’t have to agree with us.
  • One-bit amazingness. It’s all rendered in perfect 1-bit. On a 1280x720 screen, every pixel will be either on or off. (There’s some unavoidable interpolation on large screens, but we haven’t yet found a solution around it.)
  • Clear pixel art graphics. We’ve touched every sprite to make sure it is clear and easy to see.
  • Trade offs at every turn: do I pick up this weapon, knowing it will weigh me down so I can’t run any more?

The demo serves four purposes for us:

  1. Shows what we consider barely minimum viable product
  2. Provides insight to where the game will go (we’ve got twists and turns that we’re not going to tell you about)
  3. Allows you to provide feedback regarding certain aspects of gameplay
  4. Provides a milestone as we prepare for Greenlight

Play it. It’s available here through IndieDB as well as on Itch.io. Currently available only for Windows as an .exe file.

We’re proud of what we have so far, but we are aware there are things that need (massive) improvement.

--Nathan and Lee J

Tweet at us with your thoughts: Twitter.com

Email us if you find any bugs: marketing@squishygames.com

Track our progress here at IndieDB.

Rogue Invader DEMO

And to whet your whistle while the game is downloading:

DEMO RELEASE Support images DEMO RELEASE Support imagesDEMO RELEASE Support images DEMO RELEASE Support imagesDEMO RELEASE Support images DEMO RELEASE Support images


Noah not interested

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SquishyGamesCo Author

That's ok. We appreciate you stopping by.

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So far so good! Loving the visual work.

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