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Rocket Jumper is a puzzle game where the player must master the skill of rocket jumping to finish each level as fast as he/she can.

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Hello IndieDB!


Thought I start by introducing myself and my game project. My name is Johan and this is my personal game project called Rocket Jumper. The reason for this game is that I am currently learning Unity3D and wanted to start a project that I can grow and learn from.

Rocket Jumper is a first person shooter / puzzle game. You as a player has to complete the level as fast as you can. And reaching the goal is only possible by rocket jumping.

As of right now I am the only developer on this game. I will proceed development and try to fill as many possible positions as possible by myself. But if there are any people out there that would like to contribute in the development process in any way. Please feel free to contact me.

Right now I am focusing on the core game mechanics. I will release a rough playable game demo in the future that people can try and post feedback on. You can see some early screenshots in the gallery of this prototype. After that I think we are moving on to design and style of the game. Start making the game pretty.

Thank you for reading and may the force be with you.

Johan > L1NQ4N

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