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Rocket Fist is a multiplayer arena game with armless robots in chaotic battles with rocket fists. Prove your dexterity and aim against your frenemies killing each other with rocket propelled fists in this frenetic mix of dodgeball and billiards!

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Today I have fixed a bug in the way weapon-to-weapon hits work and implemented a culling system to hide the rooms not being shown.

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Alright, so today I got home quite tired and tomorrow is going to be a long day, so I decided to pick a couple of quick tasks to do.

One thing I noticed when watching people playing the singleplayer was that the Weapon-to-weapon hit wasn’t working as intended. I started poking around the code and made some changes. Before I was using SphereCast, and I think in some occasions the SphereCast was simply returning itself and stopping there, so I replaced it with a SphereCastAll to get all of the colliders found. To make sure I’m not running this all the time several times, I’m only doing this if the speed is greater than 0 and if there is a weapon in range. For the range I’m using squareroot iterating through the weapons list in the GameManager so shouldn’t be too heavy. I also added one extra frame of pause on the impact to make it feel heavier and a particle of sparks flying :D

Talking about too heavy, since I’m using a room system for the singleplayer, and I only see one room at a time, I figured I could quickly and effortlessly hide the rooms the player isn’t at. All I did for that was to hide all the rooms but the initial one when generating them, then when I cross a door I hide the previous room and unhide the new one. That’s saving me A LOT of drawcalls, later on as I finish rooms I should also merge the meshes to save more drawcalls :)

That’s it for today, just some quick fixes/changes.

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