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Taking place on an alien planet. Lay siege to cities and planets, conquer them and make the enemy troops your own. Grow and expand your empire, and ensure the survival of your race, after being brought to near extinction. Plays as the Queen’s champion and commands her army to ensure her survival, by attacking nearby colonies and cities, destroying their defenses, taking their resources and using their troops for his own with the Queen’s parasitic mind abilities.



Based in Portugal

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Rise of Zoulth is an upcoming tower offense videogame being developed by Blue Lamp Studios, for Windows PC and Android mobile. Plays as the Queen and command her army to ensure her survival, by attacking nearby colonies and cities, destroying their defenses, taking their resources and using their troops for her own with the Queen’s parasitic mind abilities.


Rise of Zoulth emerged as an academic project. The team grew up loving strategy games and since strategy games used to be at the top games played and tower defense games still are in the top games on android/IOS platform, we have created a game that combines the mechanics we love from strategy games we grew up with, and the possibility to attack instead of defending in a tower type game.


  • single-player
  • tower offense
  • strategy


Rise of Zoulth - Trailer YouTube

Rise of Zoulth - Gameplay YouTube


Download all screenshots & photos as .zip

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Selected Articles

  • "Rise of Zoulth is a tower offense in top down view, which displays a strategic challenge out of the ordinary."
    - Tiago Nunes, GameHub
  • "Rise of Zoulth: Grow and expand your empire, assuring the survival of the race is the main goal"
    - João Seixas, Record
  • "The game promotes a good diversity of planets and enviroments, which will require different strategies to be the winner."
    - Telmo Couto, MeusJogos
  • "Rise of Zoulth is the name of the new portuguese project by Blue Lamp Studios, a 3D top-down tower offense which you cannot miss"
    - Ângela Costa, Magazine.HD
  • "Rise of Zoulth focuses on the fight against an alien race, and in the conquest of cities and enemy forces."
    - João Canelo, Glitch Effect
  • "Destroy your enemies, conquer strategic points or decimate everything in your away to the enemy bases."
    - Carlos Silva, MoshBit Gaming
  • "A curiosity that reveals to be crucial in the game resides in the fact that the Zoulth'Kro have a parasitic mind ability that allows them to assimilate enemy units"
    - Paulo Silva, Pplware

Monetization Permission

BlueLampStudios does allow the contents of this game to be published through video broadcasting services only with direct written permission from Rise of Zoulth. Check at the bottom of this page for contact information.

About BlueLampStudios

Blue Lamp Studios was “founded” in 2018 in mid-September. The developers share one single goal, to create entertaining games/apps with a global impact. We are a fresh studio, but we have already built an engaged community through some events that we attended

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More information on BlueLampStudios, our logo & relevant media are available here.

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