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Rhythm Hunter is a rhythmic rail shooter where you pursue a large monster across the city. It uses 2 rhythmic input schemes, aim focused rhythmic shooting and 5 key input. Clicking heads to music, the new way to shoot. The main loop of the game is dealing damage (achieving score) by shooting at the monster in time with the music, the rhythmic timing is also communicated to the player by the circular reticle, when the bars that move along the right side of the reticle reach the bottom in between the middle bars is when you shoot. Successfully doing this will build up the ultimate meter, when this is full you can enter your ultimate state where the gun automatically aims at the head of the monster, so you are instead presented with a layout similar to guitar hero, where when you press the keys at the right time it will shoot the gun for you. You will switch back and forth between these two rhythmic input schemes to repel the monster and save the city.


After showcasing it as my final uni project at presentation night at SAE Perth, I now present to you a demo of my Proof of Concept game, Rhythm Hunter. It's a Rhythmic styled rail shooter with two types of rhythmic inputs that work in tandem with each other. Hope you like this concept, follow me on Twitter @DiffGameStudios if you want to stay up to date with what I do.

Rhythm Hunter QED Demo
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