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Rhythm Destruction is a rhythm / shoot em up(shmup) game. Inspired by classics such as Ikaruga and infused with the intensity of addictive rhythm gameplay, it is unlike anything you've ever played before. Blast your way through 10 thrilling and challenging stages, fueled by the sounds of upbeat electronic music. rhythmdestruction.com

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Great music and great gameplay!

At first the idea of having a rhythmn game and a japanese shmup combined sounds just ridiculous but after getting used to it it's a lot of fun.
It is indeed quite hard in some situations to concentrate on the music, press the right buttons and dodge the bullets flying at you. But that's what makes this game! It's not for people who can't stand hard games. :P
Also all of the leves I've played so far are very unique, especially the bosses.

But after all this game also has its cons.
The timing could be better at some points and I also just don't understand some of the button patterns in this game.
The graphics options are very limited and it's sad that you can't change the games resolution. I'd like to play this in fullscreen but it just looks to pixelated for my taste.
And last but not least it'd be great to have some more levels, but I guess you guys are already working on it. :P


Music is good,but game is not so addictive.
No sound for explosion and shot,makes me so boring.

Need more visual and audio feedbacks!
And timing judgement like bad/poor/good/great like other ryhtjm game :P

"Rhythm Destruction" is great game title for me yeah,but the playing is poor :3

PS:Bind all buttons to one key,you can play without reminding what the button is XDXDXDXD


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