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Retro Trigger is an old school first person shooter based on the technology that runs the classic Wolfenstein, featuring smooth retro graphics and intrincate mapping, using as much detail as the Raycasting Game Maker engine allows, creating a quality indie game experience with very little resources.

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So, after a couple of mere days of hard working, Retro Trigger, which started as a experiment(and still is), is beginning to look like a proper game!
I'm very excited of how this is looking and i'm looking forward to complete it, having planned a great part of it, but struggling with the limitations of the Raycasting Game Maker engine aswell. I've contacted its creator for support, and any support from this great community will be appreciated!

Here's an early gameplay video:

The menu music is an 8-bit version of a "Down Down Down to Mephisto's Cafe" by Streetlight Manifesto, and it is a placeholder, so i need someone who can help me out on the sound section. You can find a couple of earlier videos on my channel, mainly showing more weapons(There's not much else so far, it is VERY early)

Isaiahere - - 560 comments

Any updates?

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MonZombo Creator
MonZombo - - 131 comments

I kind of dropped it, the Raycasting game maker engine is extremely limited and can't support as many floor/wall/ceiling tiles as i'd like to, and the resolution is extremely low, not to mention lots of other kinds of limitations. But if and when i am able to program/find a decent raycasting engine, i'll be glad to pick it up(I've already planned most of the visuals and game elements)

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MegapiemanPHD - - 22 comments

Hope you get it worked out soon. This game looks really cool and I would love to play it. Best of luck.

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cork279 - - 563 comments

This game has an unusual, but very cool style imo :D

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