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Red Alliance is a game that was in development since 2012. Over the past 4 years the game has changed its direction a bunch of times and the story-line as well as gameplay were reworked. Red Alliance is a storyline based FPS game with a co-op feature. Game is being developed in Unity 3D Engine.

This game has been Greenlit by the Community! Steamcommunity.com

The game takes place in early 2000s in a small Eastern European country where the weak government was taken down by a group of Neo Nazis that conquered the government and brought up their dictatorship. Player alongside with his best friend Stanko are few of the many people living in the capital who tried opposing the new government and were imprisoned. Not only does the prison has inhuman guards that know no pity, but also a large portion of the prisoners are being used during the experiments of the scientist named Dr. Grey. Experiments focused on getting control of human minds. And player is no exception to that and has went through a bunch of experiments.

The game begins by player making his escape out of the prison and the city. On his path he discovers that while he was imprisoned the resistance group was formed named "Red Alliance". Player's goal is to get to the resistance group and from there on go off on his own mission - to find and stop Dr. Grey and his inhuman experiments as well as find out what exactly did Dr. Grey do to him during his stay in prison...

The game consists of 8 playable chapters as well as a separate survival mode that can be played alone or in co-op. The game features elements of horror as well. The estimated release date for the game is during autumn of 2016. Feel free to download Red Alliance Demo 2015 V0.04 if you haven't already, thought keep in mind - the game has changed a lot over the past year. Also make sure to check out Red Alliance on other web sources.

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Hey guys!

It's been over 1 year since the last video update of Red Alliance and for a good reason. The game has undergone tones of changes and improvements both visually and gameplay wise. Below is a short list of major features that have been added. Also, consider checking out the video update itself.

- Introduced stealth mechanics. Certain sections of the game allow player to take a silent approach while progressing through the level.
- Improved Saving System. Saving now only saves objects that have been interacted with by the player or if the parameters of components on the object have been changed. Saving and loading time is now significantly reduced.
- Player controller has been entirely redone based on the feedback received.
- AIs have been improved. AIs do more callouts when moving in to attack the player as well as AIs' weapons now have bullet travel speed which allows player to dodge enemy's shots at mid-large distances.
- Improved weapon play. Weapon recoil, crosshair, sounds, animations have been improved.
- Difficulty setting added.
- Improved console and ease of menu navigation and interaction.
- The voice acting has been almost entirely redone in the entire game. Now featuring much higher quality dialogues.
- Baton has been gifted with a secondary heavy attack that is capable of knocking out unaware NPCs when hit on the back.
- Integrated Steam Achievements.

Visuals and levels:
- All the levels in the game have received a major overhaul in visual appearance.
- A new buggy vehicle has been added to the mountains level.
- Prison levels have been turned in to an "aftermath after explosion" scenario, now having a lot of debris, corpses, fire and rubble all around the level.
- City level has been reworked as well. Now featuring an autumn evening cold atmosphere with abandoned streets with Oppressive Units patrolling it.
- Mountains level has been extended with a new stealth section taking place. Player approaches Oppressive Units' Outpost and is given an option to complete this section via stealth.
- An entirely new level that is shown in the end of the Update Video reveals one of the later levels in the game that is located in antagonist's underground research facility in a cell block where subjects of the mind control experiments have been kept. Alongside with that a research office complex next to it is shown as well.

There are a lot of smaller scale things that I have worked on but haven't mentioned. Next update will come out whenever it's ready. The game is in its final stages of development right now and will be coming out soon in 2018.

Red Alliance - Update 67 - Prologue and new Mountains Level

Red Alliance - Update 67 - Prologue and new Mountains Level

News 4 comments

In this Update I show gameplay from 2 new levels in the game and show new storyline elements, as well as new characters. Additionally I introduce new...

Red Alliance Officially Submitted to Greenlight!

Red Alliance Officially Submitted to Greenlight!


We are happy to announce that we are finally officially submitting Red Alliance to Greenlight!

Red Alliance - Screenshots 2016 Uploaded

Red Alliance - Screenshots 2016 Uploaded

News 5 comments

Uploaded some new in-game screenshots of Red Alliance from 2016. Showing new maps as well as new weapons, improved lighting and overall graphics. A full...

Red Alliance - Update 66 - City Apartments Extension + New Levels Footage

Red Alliance - Update 66 - City Apartments Extension + New Levels Footage

News 6 comments

In this Update I demonstrate updated Main Menu, a large Apartments extension in City level, a lot of AI improvements and some footage of new levels.

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Red Alliance Demo 2015 V0.04

Red Alliance Demo 2015 V0.04

Demo 4 comments

Red Alliance Demo 2015 V0.04 features miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements as well as new stuff added. Most important fix is Co-op mode, now fully...

Red Alliance Demo 2015 V0.01

Red Alliance Demo 2015 V0.01

Demo 10 comments

Consider downloading the updated version V0.04 instead, as it features important fixes and improvements. The long awaited release of Red Alliance Demo...

Red Alliance Demo 2013

Red Alliance Demo 2013

Demo 11 comments

This demo consists of a full phase 1 of the campaign. There are 6 levels with a boss in the end and 2 endings.

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Played the demo and it seems very good, there are some flaws with the physics however but I believe that it could be justified by the version of Unity. The gameplay seems pretty solid, apart from some bugs when picking up weapons. The story too seems pretty interesting but could be made clearer with some posters, news papers, etc... scattered in the map. AI is good but friendly NPCs lack some character, I suggest maybe some random lines for them to say now and again. Sound design is a bit bland, but then it is a demo. Over all the game is pretty good and the full release is looking even better!

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Will difficulty settings make a difference when it comes to enemy placement and ammo/health drops?

HL2 has a thing where higher difficulty settings decrease the amount of ammo obtained from pickups but increased the amount dropped from enemies to influence the players aggression in replenishing their ammo pool.

What will Red Alliance implement?

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RedAllianceGames Creator

Sorry for late reply
The difficulty setting makes ammo drops as well as enemy damage varied. So playing at harder difficulty will make the game feel a lot more like a survival. :)

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Man, I'm just stoked to play a new SP oriented FPS, you any closer to release? :)

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RedAllianceGames Creator

Soon this year :) New trailer will be airing in a month or so.

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how to download

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RedAllianceGames Creator

Release is soon this year, there is also old demo from 2015 but it's very outdated by now.

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Wow, outstanding job with this game! I'm speechless, it looks absolutely amazing! Would you please consider releasing a Mac version? I would really appreciate it.

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RedAllianceGames Creator

Thank you :) I will look in to releasing it for Mac. I didn't mention Mac before because I had issues building the game for Mac few years ago, but I will give it another go now.

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Dec 21 2012

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We decided to share some of the 3D models we have created and with it, a new soundtrack! check it out :) Youtube.com

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