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"ReCompile is a flash back to the old days of RTS when games like Age of Empires were ruling the genre. Currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, the game is being created by FrostPunch Games. Not content to only appeal to nostalgia, ReCompile also has its own unique style." -greenlight Games

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A mysterious, unoccupied ship crash lands on an alien planet; the only intelligent entity on board being the ship's AI system. After reboot, the AI discovers that almost all data storage has been lost or destroyed. On atmospheric entry, the ship had broken apart and scattered it's vital pieces all over the planet's surface.

Now alone on an alien planet with a barely functioning shell, the AI must recover and rebuild it's ship in order to escape the wrathful wildlife. It won't be an easy task, for the entire planet wants this intruder destroyed.

Over 5 playable maps you'll be able to:

  • Program your units with vast list of different and customizable commands. Save your programs, assign one program to all your droids, or give each droid a different program.
  • Assimilate your enemies alien technology
  • And more!

Be sure to come by and check out the kickstarter page!

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