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Reaper's Day Off offers an unique look at the platforming scene. Theme and the story of the game is grim with a side of dark humor. The gameplay is meant to be hard so don't give up on the first try (or second). Gameplay features hard combat where you have to come up with a tactic to defeat your enemies. The platforming stages reward those who can jump like a boss, but cripples those who cant get across. 11.05.2017 We are releasing the demo for everyone to download and after you complete the demo we hope that you will leave your thoughts and ideas with us! A little something about the story: Reaper's Day off tells the story of a man called Jack The Ripper. When Jack died he got infused with the energy of death. With this new untold power he does he's work as a Reaper in a organization full of them. Until one day Jack is forced to take a day off...

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Demo release!


Exciting news!

Today we are uploading our demo for everyone to download!

Feel free to test it out and leave comments. Demo includes 1 unlockable power, 8 unique levels, enemies that behave differently and much more!

Just check our download section!

Reaper's Day Off info

Reaper's Day Off info


Information about the game and the team behind Reaper's Day Off

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Reaper's Day Off Demo

Reaper's Day Off Demo

Demo 3 comments

Reaper's Day Off demo. Includes multiple maps and enemies!

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Update! We just finished our IndieDB site. Be sure to check it out and share it! Indiedb.com #indiedev #indiegame #gamedev

Apr 18 2017

Surprise! Here are finally the faces behind Reaper's Day Off! Questions are welcome as always. #theteam #indiedevT.co

Apr 13 2017

We were showcasing our demo last Friday. Feedback is always useful and the demo is getting better and better!… T.co

Feb 23 2017

Still pretty colorful, isn't it? But don't worry, not for long 💀#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #pixelart T.co

Feb 7 2017

The second production cycle is now over and things are looking great! We're throwing a little party tonight. 🎉 #gamedev #indiegame

Feb 3 2017

The Holidays are over and we are back on track! Here is a little mockup for you, feel free to give feedback!… T.co

Jan 20 2017

We're currently ending our first production cycle! Afterwards we're going to reward ourselves with pizza 🍕 #indiegame #gamedev #pizza

Dec 2 2016

#tb to last Friday's #xmasjkl, we got some useful feedback. Thanks @ExpaJKL for the chance to demo our game! #tikoT.co

Nov 25 2016

Not the usual protagonist. #reapersdayoff #gamedev #indiegame T.co

Nov 18 2016