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Raindrop Tactics is a top-down survival game with lite RPG elements, set in an alternate reality where the soviet union is one of the only surviving powers on the globe after a devastating nuclear war. A once abandoned province, Kovorinsk is now the center of an endless faction war between the military and the insurgency. Fighting to secure the newly discovered super weapon, who ever takes over will control the fate of the world!

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An 18 minute gameplay preview for Raindrop Tactics.

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Raindrop Tactics - Gameplay Preview

Gameplay 15

Gameplay 4

Hello again! As promised, here is an 18 minute gameplay preview for Raindrop Tactics. Please be aware that this is an early version of the game which contains some placeholder and missing content. I have been working hard on this project during my spare time and I will continue to add new features while completing the main story mode. Enjoy!

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