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This is about 4 weeks into development. Looking to finish in another 4 weeks. I wanted to make a game that is just @#$#@ exploding with happy and fun. What says fun?...pooping rainbows of course! and making love to cows:) Hence was born Rainbow Star Girl. I am going to throw every crazy fun thing I can think of into this thing...unicorns. Unicorns that have horns that are in the shape of unicorns. Crazy @#$@ like that. Video can't do it justice just how cool this thing feels on ipad. I am doing all the development in UDK. Also only using kismet. All artwork is also mine. My 4 year old is helping me playtest and game design. She currently wants to kiss big foots and make baby big foots.

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So...working my butt off. Trying to give Rainbow Star Girl as much fun and cute as possible. Everytime she kisses a cow and makes babies with it she does a cart wheel or spins. My daughter is loves it. Really made her smile. Also have a few little hidden animations. Didn't make it into this video...but maybe in the next.

Been only working on this game for a few weeks now but have gotten so much feedback from people. They are really loving it. Alot bring up the idea that there is no killing and only kissing. And how that is kind of revolutionary....I didn't say it!! Quoting someone else:) All I know...is I want to do something fun and void of any negativity. VERY HARD TO DO!!!

Thanks guys....more to come. Finishing scoring system and moving onto new levels and animals to kiss.


Awesome. Some really positive reactions there from the girls. looking forward to seeing it in action.

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