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Rainbow Hatter is a 3D platformer game project, with fixed camera. The project started in June/July 2016, and is going very well. Still in initial stages of development, this is its first introduction for the world. The game is being developed for PC/Mobile.


As the game is being planned for mobile platforms, it will will be simple: Walk, run, attack and jump to go through the goal ring. There are some enemies and items in your journey. Collect crystals to earn extra lifes.

The thing of the game will be the Hats. Use Hats to unlock power-ups and go through obstacles more easily. Each hat will have an unique ability, and -in the future- you will chose the hat you wanna use in any moment of the game.

Development Story

The game is not a new project. I started to make this game several months ago with the name "Hat Project". The project stopped for a long time, and I lost the project. After some failed projects, I decided restart this project from scratch focused on mobile platforms.

Game Plot

Coming soon...

How To Play:
Do you even need to ask? Just go!

Arrows: Move character
Shift: Sprint
Z: Jump
X: Attack

You can also wall jump to go up.

This Alpha Build Contains:

  • Full playable base game (99% Completed);
  • 7 Hats (only 2 hats work);
  • 3 Stages (99% Completed);
  • 4 Enemies;
  • All important items (3 types of crystals, 1 UP heart, Health Heart and Keys[useless for now].);

What I will do:

  • Finish the UI;
  • Improve the aesthetics;
  • Original music and sounds;
  • Finish the Hub World (The stages will be separated in 5 islands);
  • More stages (the game will have 20, 4 for each island);
  • More enemies (enemies designs are ready);
  • Bosses (1 for each island, in the end of the 4th stage, only concepts are ready for now. This is why the Demo has only 3 stages.);
  • Hats (7 hats total. 2 Hats almost completed.);
  • Save Game (the game don't save the progress yet. Also, no game over screen.);
  • Minor bugs and issues fixes;

Known Bugs and issues:

  • The Character still have some problems wall jumping (nothing dangerous);
  • Some animations issues (I'm still learning this complicated stuff);
  • The bear was a mistake;


For which platforms this game will be released?
R: Only for Windows and Android for now.

Only these? Where are the Mac/iOS, Windows Phone and consoles versions?
R: I don't have any access to all these platforms. When I have some, I will think in develop a version for it.

Where the heck are the sounds????!!!!!
R:They will come soon! I promise!

Why is this Demo so short?
R: I'm working in this project only for 4-5 months. Making all this demo is a personal achievment for me. This demo will be updated in the future, so, if you liked it, keep following the game progress!

The final game will be paid?
R: Yes. The final game will cost 2~5$ for both PC/Android.

A paid version for Android? Do you lost your mind?
R: Probably.

Are you making this game alone?
R: Not Exactly. I have some help of a friend for making the enemies designs.

Do you want some help?
R: If you're willing to work for free ...

Will you ask for money to finish the game?
R: Not for now. I'd like to work in this game for full time, but I won't.

This game will be released on Steam?
R: Not now. I will focus on more free platforms at start, like Game Jolt itself, but I don't wanna talk about business now.

Any releasing date?
R: No! I don't even have any waranty I will finish this game!

Bonuses? OSTs? Game Manual?
R: None of these are being planned for now.

If your questions is not in the FAQ, you're free to ask in the comment section. Some sugestions, critiques, or any message, fell free to comment. This is why i'm posting it.

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Rainbow Hatter (WIP)
Rainbow Hatter (WIP)
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Linux Build (pre-alpha)

Linux Build (pre-alpha)


A pre-alpha build of Rainbow Hatter for Linux. Since it's not completed yet, there may be some bugs.

Windows Build (pre-alpha)

Windows Build (pre-alpha)


A pre-alpha build of Rainbow Hatter for Windows. Since it's not completed yet, there may be some bugs.

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