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Mechanics will include stealth and hacking as well as the ability to upgrade equipment. I will especially focus on making the AI seem intelligent and realistic. Procedural generation is used to create unique maps each time you play. I also intend to have a dynamic story and events to improve the replay value and keep things interesting and unpredictable.

A keyboard is required to play, so a desktop operating system should be used. It should load on the mobile but it has not been deeply tested or optimized for it, including the controls.

This is the first game I will be releasing in my new independent studio.
I built Raid Zero 2040 without using any engine or library.

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Raid Zero 2040 Development



Current Version - Alpha 2

Ready to play now


Your feedback is welcome


Raid Zero 2040 is free for the browser and should work on Windows, Mac and Linux.
It may also work with a mobile device and keyboard but it is optimized for the desktop.


It uses a custom engine with no external library used. I used a mixture of HTML, JS and PHP.


All the in game art is original (by Net Fire Games) with the exception of the radio characters on the HUD, ePic character generator was used. I use mostly Inkscape and GIMP for graphics.
The artwork of the soldier is a heavily edited stock photo.


The Music and sound are also original. Stock sounds may be used for voices.

I use FL studio for music and sound design and do not use anyone else's samples or midi. If there are exceptions, like the stock voices. I will specify.


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