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Racing Glider.

About the game:
IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm still at work on Racing Glider! It will be greatly improved! Try it right away with the first vehicle in Time Attack Mode, and get ready for new vehicles, game modes and all good things coming in later update.

Racing Glider reinvents old classics of futuristic racing games by offering rally type circuits in natural and fantastic environments.
You will need to master the inertia, speed and physics of each vehicle you will play to beat the times set and grab all medals.
Racing Glider offers a gameplay between speed and control that will make you discover a new kind of racing game.

Main Features:

-Unique gameplay based on physics. Anticipate and master the forces in application on the vehicle to beat the best times.
-Each vehicle will have unique features as well as a dedicated circuit type. (Only one vehicle is available at the moment)
-Face the clock by discovering a new world at each circuit.
-An original soundtrack fully composed for the game.

Content planned during the early access:

- Mode "Time Attack". You will win medals to unlock other tracks.
- Always more tracks throughout the development.
- Addition of game modes such as a mode "survival" and "endurance".
- Addition of other types of vehicles.
- Addition of challenges to unlock.
- Addition and improvement of "in-air" gameplay phase .
- And many more.

You can find the game here : Store.steampowered.com

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Update 2 : Mantis Glider


Hello everyone

An important update with the addition of the "Mantis Glider" a new all-terrain vehicle. Gameplay improvements for the "WindRanger". Direction, slip, brake, Fx etc ...
7 new circuits have been added. 4 of these circuits are playable with the "Mantis Glider".
A medal winning system to unlock levels has been added. As well as new graphical options, fix bugs and optimizations on the whole game.

ScreenRelease01V0 2

Your opinions and reviews are as always welcome! I will take them into account for the next update.
Thank you for your support and have fun!

ScreenRelease04V0 2

Update 2 Changelog:

Racing Glider V0.2:

-WindRanger 1.2:
-Changing steering min and max forces
-LateralSpring changed for more "sliding"
-AngularSpring changed for more "sliding"
-Turning forces conditions changed (Height/speed)
-Camera offset changed
-Particles Linked to animation
-Brake improvments (Slipping/forces/light)
-Animation speed reduced
-Velocity when decelerate changed
-T_scale back to 1.0

-New vehicle added : Mantis Glider 1.0
-Rally/Off-road vehicle
-Time attack mode with 4 circuits for "Mantis Glider"

-New levels:
-RankI : Nebula Stones
-RankIV : Earth EcoZ (New 3 laps system)
-RankIV : Shangri-La Clouds
-RankIV : Otziry Lonely Dusk
Mantis Glider:
-RankI : Otziry Field
-RankII : Earth ValleyCross
-RankIII : Shangri-La Lake
-RankIV : Otziry Lonely Dusk

-Menu improvments:
-Added system to unlock levels with medals
-Added vehicle selection menu Phase 1
-Added more graphic settings:
-Added motion blur to settings
-Added Shadows quality to settings
-Added Particles to settings
-Added AntiAliasing to settings

Fix and optimization:
-Fixed menu "Pause Game" and "Resume Game"
-Fixed FinishLine bug when respawn on finish
-LODs changed in many levels
-Earth Valleasy Optimized (Dome/Shadows/LODs)
-Volumetric Clouds Optimized
-Fixed Aerial Controll in Nebula Artefact

Racing Glider available on Steam

Racing Glider available on Steam

News 1 comment

Racing Glider has just been released on Steam ! I hope many of you will appreciate it. About the game: Racing Glider reinvents old classics of futuristic...

Racing Glider on Steam Greenlight

Racing Glider on Steam Greenlight


You like Racing Glider, you think about helping us to make it alive? We need you on Steam Greenlight!

mellowsonic - - 1 comments

looks like Fatal Inertia can't wait for more :)

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abrasounds - - 19 comments

Looking so good! I just sent you a message, please check when you have the time. :)

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