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Set in a mysterious and abstract sterile environment, Q.U.B.E. (Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion) is a first-person puzzle game that challenges players to navigate each level by manipulating coloured cubes that surround them. There's little to go on as the game begins - the player is dropped into an all-white room with few instructions, and simply has to figure their way out. The tone of game changes as the player finds small and big alterations to their environment, supported by an original score, inviting each player to let their imagination take over as to where they might be. Through experimentation and discovery, players will progress through an ever-evolving series of cube puzzles that will challenge them with logic, physics, platforming.

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Q.U.B.E. has challenging and interesting puzzles and mechanics but the controls get frustrating at times. Between every 'command' is this incredibly annoying delay, which makes the controls feel unresponsive, makes timed puzzles a pain in the *** and makes little mistakes you make take way too long to undo. In my opinion of course.

There is no story which made me wonder who the f- I was and what I was doing in those puzzle rooms, and the game is relatively short. The puzzles themselves are very enjoyable though, as long as you don't have to time things right.


nice game

Better then Portal. Nuf said. :)

Ok, so some details. Lots of environment manipulation. Puzzles are top notch. I found them requiring more brain power then Portal's puzzles (seems to be the benchmark for first person puzzle games). There is dialog between two characters that talk to the player and they're voiced very good, but THE highlight is the puzzles.

If you like puzzle games, get this one. :)



can't wait to play this

looks sooooo good

bye :D

a very great game; the idea is very original, the gamesystem has been greatly exploited but this game is short, too short (only 3 hours), in spite of the numerous game mechanics, there could have been more ideas. I know that for a first game it is a hard review but this game is so impressive that i can't believe that this is their first game.


igipop says

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very bad game with lots of bugs that make me angry as hell

Might be a bit Portal like but it's it's own game and it's really quite fun :D


Great game. Has a lot of difficult puzzles which can lead to a seriously good gameplay!