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Quake Wrapper - it's technically a mod for Xash3D Engine, which uses Xash3D Engine as a shell to launch original Quake game and even its' mods. Gameplay remains unchanged, but game interface and controls are more user friendly (mouse is fully supported, graphics is 32-bit, modern screen resolutions are supported etc.).

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Quake Wrapper


Hello, friends! We're proud to inform you that Unkle Mike (the creator of Xash3D Engine) is developing a new project - Quake Wrapper (QWrap). It's a program that allows to use Xash3D as a shell to play original Quake game. First stable version is already released on ModDB (and even updated a bit). We decided to present it via separate game profile under Xash3D Engine, though it's not an independent game in the usual sense. But this form should be more convenient for releasing potential updates or discussing the project. So welcome!

Quake Wrapper

Installation details are described with a file for download (press "Read more..." in description), so below is only a little QWrap's F.A.Q.

Q: What is Quake Wrapper?
A: Quake Wrapper it's a mod for Xash3D Engine, which allows to play Quake (the 1st one) and its mods in Xash3D. It doesn't change the gameplay and doesn't add some new content or modern visual effects, you just can play old good Quake in 32-bit graphics with good resolution, using friendly interface compatible with current Windows systems.

Q: How is it possible, Quake and Half-Life are very different, aren't they?
A: Not too much, in fact, they have a lot of common features like similar format of maps, sprites, configs - because Half-Life was initially developed using Quake Engine. Quake's resources are supported by Xash3D on core level, and QWrap is only a third-party mediator between Quake's virtual machine and Xash3D. So the most part of QWrap's code is a data interface unit, the virtual machine's wrapper, that's why it got such name.

Q: Can it handle Quake's demos?
A: Yes, since the build 4150 Xash3D supports Quake demos' playback.

Q: Can you play any Quake's mod with QWrap?
A: In most cases - yes, they should work properly. You can report if you find any problems. Some mods, which are intended to work exclusively under forked Quake's engines (like FTE or DarkPlaces), may be unplayable.

Q: What was the reason to develop QWrap, we already have a lot of Quake forks with tons of cool features?
A: In first of all, Unkle Mike created it for himself, because he likes the possibility to play Quake with his own engine. For others there are also some unique potential capabilities, which are not implemented yet, but it's not too hard for Unkle Mike to add them, if Quake community will show a proper interest for the project. Things that can be potentially realized or may be significant for modmakers in development of new mods:

  1. QWrap doesn't affect the engine, so you always have a stable core on any level of development.
  2. Models with skeletal animation and weight distribution.
  3. Powerful network engine with prediction and unlag system, with capability to download missing files.
  4. Decals.
  5. Smooth changelevel and capability to return on previous maps.
  6. Save/restore for decals, sounds, music.
  7. Enhanced sound engine with DSP effects.
  8. Possibility to hook through QWrap an advanced physics or a new renderer, even from your favorite Quake's fork, if you prefer to use it.
  9. Vertex lighting for static alias-models (Quake models).

You will not find any feature mentioned above in any of existing forks.

Q: What about Hexen II? This game is also great and uses Quake Engine too!
A: Probably it will be supported in future, technically this is possible.

Q: I'd like to play with music (Quake's soundtrack or a mod's soundtrack). What can I do?
A: The easy way is to download Quake Remake (another Quake-related project by Unkle Mike), extract pak2.pak from the archive and put this file into "ID" folder, inside QWrap's main directory. You can also manually rip MP3-files from CD-tracks of any original game CD you own, or take existing MP3 tracks (created for mods, for example), put them into "media" folder (inside "ID" or any mod's folder) and create a proper list of tracks for them - cdaudio.txt (first track is "blank", other should be listed with corresponding file names in the order of their layout on CD). You can check similar cdaudio.txt file in Half-Life's "valve\media" folder to see how it should be organized.

Q: I'm interested in this project, how can I help for its' development?
A: Most obvious thing - try to inform more people about QWrap, especially players and modmakers in existing Quake communities (and even maybe the creator of Arcane Dimensions himself :) , his mod was one of sources of inspiration in QWrap's development). You can also use source code and add some new useful features into current QWrap version. Or you can financially help to Unkle Mike, sending him a certain amount of money via:

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Quake Wrapper v0.7, revision 1 (with sources)

Quake Wrapper v0.7, revision 1 (with sources)

Full Version 3 comments

It's a stable release of Quake Wrapper (QWrap). QWrap v0.7 revision 1 uses Xash3D Engine v0.99 (build 4345 is included) to launch Quake game and its...

Quake 1 Model Viewer v0.50 alpha

Quake 1 Model Viewer v0.50 alpha

Modelling Tool 4 comments

It's a useful utility by Unkle Mike for Quake 1 modders. It's based on original MD2V code by Mete Ciragan, so it supports many features of famous Half-Life...

Quake Soundtrack

Quake Soundtrack

Music 1 comment

The original Quake soundtrack packaged for use in source ports/engines such as DarkPlaces or Fitzquake.

Quake Wrapper v0.7 (with sources)

Quake Wrapper v0.7 (with sources)

Full Version 2 comments

It's a stable release of Quake Wrapper (QWrap). QWrap v0.7 uses Xash3D Engine v0.99 (build 4312 is included) to launch Quake game and its' mods. Quake...

Quake Wrapper v0.6, revision 1 (with sources)

Quake Wrapper v0.6, revision 1 (with sources)

Full Version

It's an updated release of Quake Wrapper (QWrap) on ModDB. QWrap v0.6 (revision 1) uses Xash3D Engine v0.99 (build 4281 is included) to launch Quake game...

Quake Wrapper v0.6

Quake Wrapper v0.6

Full Version

It's a first release of Quake Wrapper (QWrap) on ModDB. QWrap v0.6 uses Xash3D Engine v0.99 (build 4260 is included) to launch Quake game and its' mods...

Emru1 - - 20 comments

hey, will there be a linux version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BetaCamper31 - - 23 comments

You can know, because this engine is now very limited, since many graphics engines for quake such as quakespam, requiem, GlQrack (I fall in love with this), FTE and others allow almost everything, but is not it?

Does not allow HD models with more vertices.

Does not allow external textures

Does not support models (md3, md2, hl model)

Does not allow shadows

I used this graphic engine and I can tell you that it is the most boring graphic engine I have ever seen.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
Qwertyus Creator
Qwertyus - - 2,553 comments

The things you mentioned are not implemented yet, but technically it's possible - engine and wrapper are open-sourced. So someone who interested and have skills may take care about that. Unkle Mike loves classic Quake without modern features, so he just made what is important for him.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Guest - - 698,692 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

RoozyDB - - 380 comments

Not a copy of Quake remake tbh but this is the best engine to support Quake Models and stuff. A modified version of Xash3D can support Quake. I'm trying this to see if it works.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
cambreaKer - - 1,008 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
SweetRamona - - 5,147 comments

This sounds really cool. 😁

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
brunocar - - 1,158 comments

woah, this is awesome

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
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