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The year is 2045, a scientific project called''A57''with the purpose of creating super humans, they went out of control, mutating those involved in the project grotesque creatures, for fear that the creatures escape, sent a group of SEALs to silence was anyone involved in''A57''when the SEALs are aprisionate in the lab, the mission becomes a test of survival ...

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New News of A57


Water Shader (español)

Luego de investigar por internet, me entere que hay un Water Shader para FPS Creator, el agua es realista, puedes sumergirte, el sonido se agrava, como si fuera agua real, esto le dara otra cara a Proyecct A57, ya que el agua sera importante en el juego.

Water Shader (English)

After researching online, I found out that there is a Water Shader for FPS Creator, the water is realistic, you can dive, the sound gets worse, like real water, this will give another side to Project A57, because the water will be important in the game.

Proyect A57 in LevelX (español)

Proyect A57, fue posteado inicialmente en un foro argentino de gamers, llamado levelX, el juego fue bien recibido, me aconsejaron y todo...

A57 in LevelX Project (English)

Project A57 was originally posted on a forum Argentine gamers, called levelX, the game was well received, I was advised and well criticized

Beta en proceso (español)

una beta en esta en proceso, estoy detallando los niveles, y agregando scripts que ayudaran a la trama, como las nota, si todo va bien, la beta saldra a finales de enero de 2012

Beta in process (Spanish)

a beta is in the process, I am detailing the levels and adding scripts to help the plot, as thenote, if all goes well, the beta will come out in January 2012

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