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!Now we need your support in indiegogo!

This is a multiplayer role online game in the universe of magic where there are mythical creatures and parallel worlds. Made with love in Ukraine. The game is being developed by two people.

A Universe Grimoire is a place where magic is a part of matter. And every object is part of a mechanism. Everything is made of particles and if in our world these are atoms, in the Universe Grimoire – magitons.

Characters exist not only for spells, but they learned how to make special runes, which are applied to conventional melee weapons. Thus, runes give the effect, which is equivalent to a fairly massive spells.

This is the tournament third person PvP shooter where you can choose 3 classes of characters. Every class of magicians has its own characteristics and magic spells.

A collector – magician of nature. He uses ethereal particles to attack/protect. He has a good level of regeneration, but the attack is pretty weak.

A fetisher – magician of the elements. He owns fire, lightning and water. Spell caster reached emotional reunion with elements. Has a strong attack, but does not use regeneration.

An ancient magician – magician who uses ancient spells of the Grimoire of centuries. He feeds with magical energy of living beings. He is a dark side of magic.

It will be the atmospheric, online game with followed features:

  • generated dungeons;
  • huge worlds to explore;
  • possibility of training your character to use magic of other magicians;
  • combination of elements and creation of unique spells;
  • ability to craft uniforms, weapons, potions;
  • ability to create your own magical world!;
  • customization of characters;
  • establishment of your own schools of magic due to the combinations;
  • unique creatures in each world;
  • choice of profession;
  • purchase/sale of houses, shops and market stalls;
  • possibility of implantation of the magical cores into your character;
  • many plants with unique properties;

You will also get huge and unique Lore of the game. You will be able to read and buy books or write your own stories and memoirs, thereby adding a game’s library. Then these books will be on shelves of game stores. And much more...

The game will be in Steam in 2016.

Everyone who helps the project (depending on money you invest) will be granted with privileges in the game. Also you can get particular statuses and your name in the game.

Collected money we will spend to:

- improve graphics component, replace 3D environment

- Mo-Cap animations

- buy quality game servers

- hire people

- support the developers

- create high-quality sound

!Now we need your support in indiegogo!

Part of the amount will go to charity. Don’t be indifferent.

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Our Campaign


We really need your support!
Every dollar is important for us, and we look forward to you, bro's.
Due to start-up capital, we will be able to implement the project ideas are needed.
Each of us can become a creator of the fate of any man. Faraway dream for two people, one step for thousand.
Thanks you.

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