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"Project Graviton" is a platform game in which users will control the character Bob, whom after stumbling into a secret section of his workplace, gains possession of a Gravity Suit and learns of its capabilities. The antagonist is Bob's Boss, the creator of the gravity suit, and he tries to prevent Bob from leaving the building with it. The level structure is based on 3 sequences, each containing 3 levels respectively. Players will attempt to reach the end of the levels, while avoiding a series of traps and hazards set by the Boss. Upon receiving the gravity suit, players may control their gravity to maneuver across various sections of the level. To balance the difficulty of the level, the game has a feature called "memory point", that will allow players to respawn at a chosen point in the level, albeit in a limited number of times.

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Project Graviton now has a release date, and will be releasing on steam soon. 12th is the date set. However, it might get delayed if the store content is disapproved by steam.

Currently we are integrating achievements and stats into our game and making use of Steam API so players can have a more social experience with Project Graviton.

The game extends it's lifetime by adding steam achievements, so if you are an achievement hunter, this game should be pretty fun collecting all the achievements and solving some easter eggs.

- Project Graviton Team

Project Graviton Available on Steam™ for Purchase.

Project Graviton Available on Steam™ for Purchase.


Project Graviton is now available on Steam, along with Project Graviton - Soundtrack DLCs. The Steam version includes Steam Achievement and Steam Trading...

Vote for us on STEAM GREENLIGHT!

Vote for us on STEAM GREENLIGHT!


Vote for Project Graviton on our Steam Greenlight page, You can also support us on itch.io, by paying for our free game.

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