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XXII century. Solar system.
Discovery of rare-earth minerals in Jupiter's asteroid belt started a new Gold Rush. You are a desperate adventurer who decides to leave Earth for the asteroid belt mining crusade.

Now you have to choose your own way: become a prospector, maintain law and order, explore the space, be a merchant or cruel space pirate. Build up your guild and own space station or join to one of the strongest factions. The choice is yours!

Project Amalthea is a top-down online sci-fi game with mostly arcade style controls, blazing fast battles and unrestricted PvP. The action takes place near the Jupiter's moon Amalthea, center for a new Gold Rush in the asteroid belt. Game is developed by RunServer studio and now in invite-only alpha testing stage. Public testing is scheduled for 2018.


  • Unrestricted PVP and Full Drop

Death is not the end. In this world every station has a cloning facility.
But it comes at a price: you die - you lose all your stuff! Carefully choose routes and beware of other players. Take advantage of stealth and camouflage techniques if you care of your belongings. Seek company for protection and join your efforts for various battleground battles!

  • Obtain and improve your own Space Station

In a world with no one to trust there is still a peaceful haven for you! Obtain and improve your own Space Station - different quests allow you to build a workshop, assembling line and start mining nearby resources with automated drones.

  • Freedom of choice

You can be anyone in this world, but remember that constant danger and
tremendous fortune always go hand in hand. Start as an lone adventurer and then choose to become a pirate or a noble corvette captain in an endless war against cruelty of huge corporations.

  • Various weapon mechanics

Different types of weapons allows you either to do mass damage, penetrate a shield or lay a trap.

Each weapon category bears it's own unique mechanics and
combat tactics:
- Rockets - high damage explosives
- Torpedoes - guided missiles
- Mines - explosive, magnetic and shrapnel damage traps
- Lasers - beam weapons with 100% shield penetration
- Machine guns - kinetic weapons with extra damage to unshielded targets
- Drones - autonomous ships with repairing, damage or hacking functions

  • Trade, production, and resources

Everything can be bought and sold! Enjoy player-driven economy with unique opportunities for skilled traders and crafters. Mine resources, find the blueprints, develop your station's assembling line and produce any kind of items available in the game.

  • Numerous upgrade options

- 12 talent trees with 100+ captain skills
- 50+ additional ship modules Dozens of ship hulls with zillions of skin combinations
- 7 kinds of minerals forming different alloys and craft resources
- 5 noble gases as a core fuel for your fusion engine

  • Factions and corporations

Three are always giants in the playground! Five powers have their bases at Jupiter orbit space and it is up to you to enter their protectorate or start your own corporation to compete them:
- NPC, North Petroleum Company, neutral faction, maintaining law and order in the region.
- GCM, Global Cybernetization Movement, also known as synthetics' adepts of mechanical evolution idea.
- V.E.D.H., Vitia erunt, donec homines, modern religious organization, specializing on weapon technologies.
- Negotiants, huge alliance of trading companies.
- Pirates, community of outcasts and soldiers of fortune, operating on the very edge of the law.

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Roadmap and game branches



Dear followers!
Our project is already three years in development and we want to share our vision on release readiness and overall game state.

First of all I want to list our goals. We're headed for self-entertaining gameplay, meaning that in-game content will be either based on player's actions (PVP branch - own stations, guilds, battlegrounds) or automatically generated (Environment VS Environment (EVE) branch - huge conflict of NPC factions). Right now we have both branches in near-ready state and next Alpha test will be focused on them and will hopefully show which direction is going to prevail. We're not abandoning PVE branch (pre-created content for players, quest, stories and dungeons) but having limited resources we're able to provide only small amount of such content comparing to other famous MMO titles.

Both PVP and EVE branches are about 80% complete and will be more or less ready for autumn 2019 test.


As I said before, we do have have PVE system in the game - there are four big "dungeons" with unique story lines, twelve smaller locations alike Drone Dump, 100+ quests connecting dozen of NPC bases and so on. We also have a Vivisector dungeon with thrilling story of mad half-cyborg doctor trying to improve human beings beyond any reasonable limits ("With hands of iron, there's not a task we couldn't do"). But such content is limited and could take less than 30 hours to explore. And as a tiny Indie studio we can't provide you with large amounts of such kind content without compromises.


We spent last year working hard on player-owned stations. Nowadays you start the game with your own tiny station in a location with few neighbors and hostile contrabandist bases. Under constant pressure and waves of attacks you have to build up your defense systems, gather minerals from nearby asteroids, research further technologies and maintain water, energy and resource consumption balance. When your base is strong enough to withstand attacks, you have a complex quest to construct huge space engines and move to main location. There you'll have other treats including hostile players and conflicts for rare resources. We suppose on that stage players will form guilds, start attending battleground-like competitions* and think of choosing the right jurisdiction to minimize taxes and maximize benefits. I.e. keeping your base on Global Cybernetization Movement (GCM) territory will improve your station research potential, while residing on VEDH territory will result in higher weapon production rates. And yes, there is a multi-tiered craft system to produce weapons, modules and even new hulls on your station.

* Right now there is only CTF-style games, alike Warsong Gulch, if you know what I mean.


While players are busy exploring and building up their stations something new emerges on Jupiter orbit. From time to time players are contacted by agents of something or somewhat dubbed The Entity. They bring you gifts of weapons or modules without asking anything in return. In some cases they offer you to consider doing the same - spread the tech goodies without asking for their source. Most confusing is the fact that those gifts are built with technologies and precision hardly reachable on the Earth. Later on you realize that everyone in Amalthea sector seems to be aware of The Entity but no one is sure what exactly it is. VEDH faction (religious weaponmakers order) blames The Entity and anyone accepting the gifts, while GCM states the collaboration with The Entity a new future of mankind. All sides try to avoid direct confrontation but some of their followers and allied of minor factions are not so cautious and their debates often results in gunfights.

Everyone missed a moment when Pirate Guild somehow became something more than a bunch of smugglers. Either with or without help of The Entity tech they manage to concentrate a great power on its territories devouring most of independent mines and workshops in adjacent areas. There are rumors of upcoming proclamation of Independent Jovian Union - separate state uncontrolled by the Earth and its major powers.

The Entity and its technology remains a mystery - it's either a group of prodigious Earth scientists, or results of breakthrough based on recently found Alien artifacts, or even Aliens themselves trying to manipulate us.

Tension is growing, alliances are formed. Most of factions had already joined the ranks of Entity-lovers or haters. New stations emerge every day, not for resource control but for strategical advantage. Often you can see the fleets rushing in one direction or another for no meaningful reason.

War is coming.

Project Amalthea Alpha 2 test

Project Amalthea Alpha 2 test


Project Amalthea Alpha 2 Testing has begun. Hurry up if you want to participate!

New trailer, presentation and Alpha 2 recruitment!

New trailer, presentation and Alpha 2 recruitment!


Project Amalthea is now on Steam with brand-new trailer. Also we're beginning recruitment of testers for new Alpha 2 test that would start in early 2018.

We're Comin' Out!

We're Comin' Out!


Project Amalthea came to the phase where we can proudly spread the word of our project!

Alpha 2

Alpha 2


After more than a year of development our game comes to Alpha 2 stage.


I dont undertan a thing but i like.

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NomadRunserver Creator

In a few days we'll update the images and provide English descriptions.

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