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Profane is a player-driven Sandbox MMORPG focused on adventure and territorial domination. The game is set in a dynamic open world, featuring open PvP, Full loot, Housing system, proficiency-based progression and more. Create your own journey and be part of the game’s story!

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Here we talk about how the player base of full-loot MMORPGs needs to look within and see what can change so as to make its community more pleasing and positive to allow the much desire growth it wants.

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What up, community!

We wanted to bring your attention to an important subject that needs to be addressed in our genre: toxicity and how it scares away a good number of players that are important to keep the game and community alive and well.

As Josh Strife Hayes pointed out in his video, aggressive and confrontational behavior among players is widespread in full-loot MMORPGs. That is something we aim to tackle as it brings collateral damage to the community and player-base. With an unhealthy and unhappy community, the player-base shrinks. And we don't want that.
That's why we must reflect on this and how we, as players, also impact the success of a game we play. So how about, instead of attacking someone for disliking something you like, you help illustrate to them what you think is great about it? Perhaps they just need some pieces of advice and tips to see things the way you do.

Profane is also about a healthy and positive community, starting with transparent communication from our side.

We are pledged to perpetuate positive practices in our game and player base. However, we are very well aware that games with this level of freedom frequently lead to toxic behavior, which leads to a community that cannot grow beyond a certain point because it is not welcoming or receptive.

So we are changing that, and it starts with us.


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