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I've written a brief update article, about the future of this game which may re-enter development.


An FPS adventure through a Steampunk inspired city, with two Protagonists, caught in the midst of a civil war within the city. One of them is caught in the conflict on the Rebels side, while the other comes in to work a job and has to decide if they will embrace the Rebel life or throw a spanner in the works and only get rewards for their self. With two playable characters Raphael and Kinah, a story spanning 20 plus levels spread across the city. With over 10 different weapons, different Enemy types, dozens of characters to interact with, side quests/events and varying endings depending on how you play the game.

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Update after a long time


I started Pressure City about 5 years ago after I abandoned the project that is now Miscalculation, due to some issues I won't go into. This was around the time I finished Galaxy Blazer, then work and other things got in the way and the years passed. But now I've had years to improve and having finished my 1st and 2nd projects, I am looking at resuming Pressure City's development alongside a few smaller projects.

If/when development resumes, It will be receiving a total overhaul, graphically and all of the code, animations etc. but I will do my best to keep the original concept in tact.

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