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pozzle is a minimalistic puzzle game that changes the way you think. 60 mind-bending levels will bring your brain to the limit. Plan your way wisely or travel for eternity.

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pozzle is OUT NOW!

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I'm proud to announce that I've finally finished my first indie game. The idea for pozzle is about 6 months old. I started developing my own game engine and got a working prototype together in about 1 month. I then quit because my engine was extremely bad and inflexible.

This summer, I decided to take up the project again. I rewrote the entire game from scratch but used a really cool game engine this time: Crafty. Crafty's entity-component-architecture makes developing real fun because it's so easy and clean.

Launch trailer:

The game now has 6 stages and 60 levels. It also comes with a map editor that I made with crafty as well. All-in-all (including prototyping) I'd say that this game took me about 3 months to come up with and complete.

One of the hardest parts was making the soundtrack. I went through several iterations before I decided to just keep things simple and then basically completed the soundtrack in 1 hour. Simple, atmospheric pads worked best for me to give the game some atmosphere without getting annoying or boring after a few loops.

It's available for PC, Mac and 64-bit-Linux and you can check it out at Pozzlegame.com!

Content is done!

Content is done!


Today I managed to squeeze in some time between work for my Uni project to finally get all levels done for pozzle. There are now 60 levels with a hopefully...

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