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Overview :

Power Trail is a fast-paced party/sports game inspired by the arcade title Windjammers, where players must shoot the ball into enemy goals while protecting their own goals. Use straight shots, curved shots and throws to try and catch the opponents off guard. You can also deflect the ball to charge powerful special moves that can slam opponents into the goal. Quick reflexes are also rewarded with power shots and the ability to counter special shots.

Steam Greenlight page :


Demo :

Available now over here : Steamcommunity.com

Features on initial release :

  • Online multiplayer with no input latency, play with Steam friends or through server browser
  • Local multiplayer
  • Single player against bot opponents with selectable difficulty settings
  • Game modes for 1 versus 1, 2 versus 2, and 2 versus 1 superpowered player
  • Power Trail mode, the classic shoot-into-enemy-goals game mode
  • Color Trail mode, where the ball leaves a trail of paint on the floor and points are awarded to the team with the most paint
  • Training modes for offense and defense against normal and special shots
  • 3 characters with their own stats and specials (or more depending on development progress)
  • 3 stages, 10 goal layouts and 10 stage rulesets
  • Support for keyboard and mouse as well as up to 4 gamepads.

Planned features :

  • 8 characters total
  • More stages, goal layouts and rulesets
  • Arcade mode once enough characters are added
  • Improved AI, and ability to add bots to local and online multiplayer matches
  • Local co-op in online matches

About Red Dark Studio :

Red Dark Studio is comprised of a single developer handling game design, programming and art asset creation.

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Features in Development


While the Greenlight campaign is ongoing, development on the game is still continuing. Here are some additions that are currently in the works.

New character : Kana

Planned as a middle point between fast and strong character. Currently the 3D model is done, with animations coming next and finally developing the special shot.

3D Model for Kana

New stage : Grass Court

A stage to add more color to the predominantly black and white stages currently available. The playing field is nearly done, with work needed on the surrounding area for intros and outros.

Alternate colors

Unlockable color schemes will also be a thing in the release of the game. Not quite set yet on an amount of them but 8 per character sounds like a good goal to aim for.

New game mode : Color Trail

In Color Trail mode, the ball leaves a trail of the color of the team of the player that shot it, and the goal is to have most of the field colored by the end of each round. Goals do not net points but instead help with an additional splash of paint. The gameplay is currently fully functional, with the visuals needing a little bit more polish right now.

There is of course more planned, but this is what is currently in an advanced enough state to show some of the progress. More progress updates will come at later dates !

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Greenlight Demo (v0.1.0)

Greenlight Demo (v0.1.0)


This is the demo for Power Trail, currently under a Greenlight campaign to make it to Steam. If you like the demo, please consider leaving a vote on the...

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