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Stock up on some canned soup cause you're gonna need it in this survival adventure simulation indie game! You will play as Rick, our blue-eyed boy wonder and all in all good guy who has just survived a nuclear blast. Although Rick was lucky enough to survive the blast, he is still about to face an even bigger challenge . . . STAYING ALIVE!

Help Rick to stay alive by trading with other survivors and scavenging the different locations of Nuclear City. Trade, scavenge, craft, and stay alive long enough for you to meet all the crazy survivors and discover the many secrets of Post Nuclear Minimart!

Screw Loose needs your help to get LIT!

Hey there! Post Nuclear Minimart is on Steam Greenlight right now and it needs your help to get Greenlit! Like many other indie games, this one is also being built by that "one guy", so juggling a day job, development on Post Nuclear Minimart, and doing marketing is going to be really hard (and very fulfilling).

If you want to help Post Nuclear Minimart get greenlit, then vote YES!

If you already voted YES, then THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You did Post Nuclear Minimart a big favor! If you want to help some more, then please help spread the word on facebook and twitter! Thank you! You ROCK!


Rick has just been given his 2nd employee of the month award at his home town's local gas station. Although Rick was proud of his current success, he had even bigger dreams. Rick has always dreamt of being a Manager at a Minimart in the City, the thought of serving the friendly and civilized people of the city excites him so much. One morning, Rick decided, "This is it, I'm moving to the city!". So he packed his bags and drove his grandma's solar powered van to the City.

In the distance, Rick can see Nuclear City, such a magnificent sight it is. But wait, what is that thing falling from the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh, my . . . it's a nuke.


  • Survival is the first thing you need to take care of. You will need both food and water, so you will have to trade with other survivors and scavenge the different locations of Nuclear City.
  • Trading with other survivors to gather food, drink, and materials.
  • Crafting items to unlock upgrades that will help you survive.
  • Random Events that occur throughout the game. These events can either be positive, negative, or story related.
  • Multiple Locations all throughout Nuclear City are available. The more locations you unlock, the more you can scavenge and discover.
  • Meet other survivors, learn their stories and unlock the secrets of Post Nuclear Minimart.


The game has a simple 2D design that uses lighter shades of color compared to other post-nuclear type games. This helps provide the fun and vibrant feel that matches with the story and personality of the characters.


Post Nuclear Minimart is a 2D adventure simulation game. In this game, the player will need to survive by having both food and drink in their inventory before ending the day, which is a challenge since food and drink are very scarce. The longer the player survives the more they will progress further in the story and unlock the secrets of the game. Players that do not have enough food and drink at the end of the day may be able to repeat their last day only since multiple saving is purposely not implemented so that players should make every decision a vital part of surviving. From what to trade, who to trade, where to scavenge and more.

The primary way for players to gather food, drink, and materials are by Trading with other survivors at the Minimart. The second method is by Scavenging the different locations on the map. The third is by Crafting at the Minimart's workshop and unlocking survivability upgrades. The last method is by Gambling. Players can play a simple mini-game of Find the Rat with Pigman, but players should remember that he only accepts food and drink as bets. It's also good to remember that some items can only be acquired either by Scavenging, Crafting or by Random Events.

There are multiple locations players can navigate to, including a Refugee Site, a Junk Yard, an Abandoned Secret Government Facility, and much more! By navigating to these different locations, players will also be able to unlock special events such as meeting other Survivors and finding Tools for crafting.

There are multiple systems that help improve replayability of the game, Random Events, Items for Trade, Scavenging Results, and Alternative Endings:

  • The Random Events are discovered during the start of the day and is focused on inventory gain or loss. There are also random events that are story related and has no major effect on the player's gameplay experience.
  • The items survivors trade with you (Items for Trade), are a mixture of both fixed and randomly selected items. This mixture will provide players with a different player gameplay experience every time and will also challenge the player's survivability and inventory management skills.
  • Scavenging generates random results each time. Players may get food, drink, or materials.
  • There are also alternative endings that players can experience that are already mapped out for development with all endings connecting to future plans and projects.


Currently, the project is still in its early development stages so there is still a lot of room for improvement and innovations. If you have any suggestions, please let me know, I appreciate all the feedback that I can get on how to make this a successful project.

A lot of elements of the game are still missing including character reactions during dialogues, setting traps, and the minimart upgrades. I am also planning to include a tiny tower defense events where Rick will defend the Minimart on the rooftop from raiders. All in all I will try to put in more hours so expect more to come!


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Hi there!

Its now Post Nuclear Minimart's 2nd day on Steam Greenlight and so far everything is good because of your support. I thank everyone that gave their feedback in the comments and I am happy of the overall reaction. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Because of your feedback I want to add more hours in the game's development. So far in the 2 days I was able to improve some elements of the game, like the design of the trading screen as seen on the pic below:

(Post Nuclear Minimart Old Trading Screen VS New Trading Screen)

Finished the inventory screen:

(Post Nuclear Minimart Inventory Management Screen)

And many more!

Development is going smoothly and I will announce from time to time the progress I have made so check back every now and then!

Help Screw Loose get lit

If you think Post Nuclear Minimart is good enough for Steam, then please vote YES.

If you already voted YES, then THANK YOU! You helped Post Nuclear Minimart take a step closer to getting lit. If you want to do more, then please share Post Nuclear Minimart on facebook and twitter.

Thank you for the support! Cheers!

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