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Pon is a pixelated adventure game. You play as the main character Pon who goes on a epic journey.

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Very cool, and a simple casual game. I like the simplicity of the world. there are some bugs but not unplayable, I would love to see a "save" and "load" feature in the mac build


This is a realy fantastic pixelated game. The gameplay is great (a hybrid between mario and zelda) but the best thing in the game is the cool artstyle.

Just Awesome.


salbris says

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It felt like the game was begging to be something great but it turned into a basic platformer with a mere handful of challenges.
Why am I able to beat the entire game without using the items I picked up? The wood planks were the most confusing,
I found maybe 4 coins but yet somehow after going to moon I was able to afford the planks without any indication of why.
The shop seemed completely useless. And getting into the castle just took too long. Once there I was 4 jumps and one annoying puzzle away from the winning the game.

My experience was Pon was definitely a delightful experience. I have always been a fan of Pixelated art, and it's exciting to know that retro gaming is still going stronger than ever.

I felt immersed in the game was walking through what seemed like a small town collecting money to purchase things, enjoying the scenery and the music that accompanied it. And though they were not nesscesrry having the clothing accessories was a nice feature, I enjoyed rockin' Pon out in a tophat.

The time feature was yet another interesting feature that I haven't seen in a game in quite sometime. Granted most games will have a day and night feature, but it actually going off the clock on your pc made for an interesting experience. Sadly though, when I reached a part where I could not advance further I completely forgot about the fact that I could change the time on my PC. And anxiously waited until the time I needed to play again to advance.

My only real gripe with the game itself is that I reached a certain point of the game, and realized that I should reset it and load from my previous save. Once I did that, I had to restart the game over again because my save file would not load.

Overall, I think this is a quirky, interesting, game. Easily could be an Indie hit within time and some clean up! I know I would easily pay cash for a full fledged game!


First off i would like to agree with earvesicle on a few points, i love the look of the game, as of now its a very nice Work in Progress. Like he said it would be nice if you added saves, and the game was longer, about 3 to 6 hours would be ideal i would gladly pay 5 dollars for that, as for earvesicle's comment about how it could be in something other then flash, i highly disagree as shown by machinarium, flash can be very powerful and useful if done right, and as for the wasd comment arrow keys is not a big deal SMB (super meat boy) had the arrow keys and it was still a good game. All in all i give it a 9/10, Solid Game play mechanics, Awesome 8-bit music, very sweet retro graphics, and overall creative. i recommended this game to anyone who wants to have an enjoyable time!

Over all the game is very cute.. I could even see it being sold and that people would enjoy it if more gameplay/story was added to make the game longer. Not being able to save is a bummer... if this game really wanted to be better it could maybe extend how long it is and be done over in something other than flash perhaps.

The art is very nice and simple but still pretty unique even though a lot of games have been doing the nostalgic graphics thing lately. Being able to save would be great..(yes that deserves another mention) in fact i don't even really see a point to the player dying in the game.. why should he even be able to die? Seems like a weird idea.. but.. its more of an interactive little story.. player death seems kinda pointless in a game like this.

For now this is a pretty average little indie game experience.. which is not a bad thing at all.. but could be pretty great if you could save/or there is no player death.. and if possibly the game was made longer.. or if pon has another adventure to go on after this one to continue the game.. why the arrow keys!!! that is such a mistake.. wasd keys should be default for all games!


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