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Win money by winning the pocket race / mini tracks! Buy different Chassis, Motors, Batteries, Wheels and Spoilers to get the best car possible. You can accelerate yourself manually, try not to waste too much Energy! Or let KI accelerate for you… Choose a Sponsor, draw lucky or unlucky Cards, earn money and improve your car to win the Season!

Add job [Block / Voxel Building Architect] Needed to create some buildings at Magic Storm

This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by Magic Storm on


Biotopia is our 3D sandbox and rpg game in development.

Here our Project page with Screens and info:
YouTube Channel:

We are a small Team one developer (me), one gfx artist, one music and one sound artist.

The game is developed with unity and optionaly supports oculus rift right now, it will be published for Windows, and maybe ps4 and maybe more.

You can already walk around, build stuff or remove blocks / voxels etc.

Buildings will be saved seperatly, and each time a new random world is created, all existing buildings will be placed somewhere random in the world.

We are looking for one or two hobby architects, who like to build for us using existing voxels/blocks:

A large Pyramid, a sky Palace, a dark Castle, a farm, a wizards Tower and some medival other buildings to make some small villages. Buildings is easy. We do not have much voxels / blocks right now so the architect can ask for / suggest more :-)

The architect will of course get a credit in the game. Currently we are all working without payment. We are thinking about bringing it to steam greenlight and or Kickstarter, or just sell it for small game later, we are still unsure.

If we earn Money later everyone who helped more than just a Little bit will of course get a part, but we cannot promise we will earn something.

So if anybody likes to create some nice buildings for us or is interested and has a question, please get in contact with us via mail:
Support add magicstorm.de
or our forum from our Team Website:


To Apply

Mail to "Support add magicstorm.de" or our Forum Magicstorm.de

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