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You exit the bunker hatch. While climbing up you see the city in ruins and completely overgrown with plants. You walk up the road and see a piece of scrap metal laying on the ground. You pick it up and keep heading north. You notice there are some large seeds spread around the streets. Then one of the seeds started to move and ran towards you. You swing your bat at the seed and hit it. Hey, this is a game from Hydrα_Inc. It's about surviving an apocalypse inside a bunker. The city has been taken over by a virus that makes plants aggressive and strong enough to take control over animals and create new types of plants that can consume meat including humans. Your goal is to survive and upgrade the bunker. You will need to collect scrap and different kinds of materials to make your bunker strong enough to survive the hoards that will attack your bunker once in a while. Good luck!

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