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A unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation. Your pathogen has just infected 'Patient Zero' - now you must bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself.

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feillyne says

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Grossly imbalanced, very hard even on lower difficulty levels, unless you can guess developer's intentions or properly learn the properties of the plague you are dealing out to the unsuspecting victims. Almost a steep learning curve. All of which leads to the main problem: unintuitivity and accidentality of this indie gem. The moderate amount of mutation traits is what seems to be lacking as well. When it comes to pros, Plague Inc. tends to be fluid, engrossing and sports multiplayer, moddability, well-rounded scenario editor and a rather decent amount of content (plague types and scenarios, not the number of genetic traits).

Cons and issues:
- failure by design, fails forced upon you by design, when you fail just because one well-isolated country can't be infected (plague type fail)
- hard even on lower difficulty levels, and very easy to fail especially if you don't follow the "correct" way of spreading the plague around
- way too moderate amount of genetic bonuses
- random mutation, which makes it a pain to strategically control the plague
- ugly pop-up boxes instead of side notifications
- visually lacking, and with so little 2D graphics, it could easily be enhanced more
- everything is locked behind unlockables which makes multiplayer slightly riskier and less enjoyable (excluding co-op)
- no multiple plagues in singleplayer games and scenarios (not a comp stomp, just a scenario with multiple AI plagues in it)

No idea about the price and whether it is fully justified, still, this indie game is quite enjoyable and captivating enough to buy and play.


NekomimiBadik says

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For all the people who didn't get the early access version, or only played flash versions like 5 years ago, I highly recommend to buy this one, finally released version. This game is awesome, it has a tempting atmosphere, very interesting + great replayability, interesting stories and it can fit all the variety of gamers because easy difficulties easy enough for casual gamers to win, and master difficulties can be super frustrating even if you are pretty skilled.
10/10 would buy again

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Tat1101 says

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It's a really nice game! Looking forward to play it.


ralph777 says

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Good game for its genre.


Slendygamer says

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ΓιΚυ says

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Amazing strategy.
Sometimes after work you want to kill everyone around, isn't it?)))
Very good idea, perfect hypothetical situation. From "zero patient" to the last man on the Earth...


Iodine says

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This is a very addicting game at first, but looses its zest eventually. But, the fact that very complex scenarios can be created if you take the time, it becomes more interesting. Especially when you play your friends if your friends want to be a dictator and this is how they plan their world domination.


X4VI3R says

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This is an insanely well done game.
You play as a Mother Nature's advocate itself.
You have a simple objective, which could prove to be a very complex task: infect your host, reproduce, spread and literally kill every human being.
Although it's gameplay is not 100% cientifically accurate, it does portray a lot of genuine epidemiological features.
Looking forward to a sequel!


Gaming_Hydro says

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Maxen1416 says

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