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We have been working hard on this game and the current pre-alpha build is already super addictive and fun to play. We need your help to get this game to market and release on many platforms as possible. Please back us on Kickstarter so we can ship this awesome game! Backers can get awesome exclusive rewards, collaboration and early access.

  • PocketGamer - Pixel Starships will put 8-bit space strategy and crew management into an online universe by Chris Priestman
  • MMGN - The graphics in this 8Bit indie game is the best we've seen in a retro style game for a long time by Roy Hui
  • PocketTactics - I’m intrigued by the cutaway side-view of the starship with turbolifts and transporters at the ready by Dave Neumann
  • TechTimes - The World’s First 8-Bit Total Starship Management Game Hits The Online Universe by Lauren Keating

We are huge strategy game addicts. Some games we LOVE: FTL, XCom, Eve Online, Home World. All these games are awesome, but it wasn't enough.

We wanted to play an FTL style, all encompassing ship management game in a single massive online world. We didn't want a game that ended after finishing single player campaign in days. Instead we want to invest in a persistent world similar to World of Warcraft with fresh content and new players making the game alive and exciting for decades.

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