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Pixel Dungeon is a traditional roguelike game with pixel-art graphics and simple touch controlled interface.
Explore the depths of Pixel Dungeon, collect useful items, fight fierce monsters to find Amulet of Yendor (surprise!) - the ultimate artifact of this game world.


  • Pixel-art graphics
  • Simple touch interface
  • 25 randomly generated levels (sewers, abandoned prison, caves, dwarven metropolis & demon halls)
  • Various dungeon features (incl. hidden and locked doors, traps, chests, chasms etc.)
  • 25 types of monsters + 5 bosses
  • 80+ types of items (incl. armor, weapons, potions, wands etc.)
  • 4 Character classes: Warrior, Mage, Rogue & Huntress
  • Specializations (sub-classes), 2 for each class
  • Enchanted weapons
  • Inscribed armors
  • Alchemy
  • Shops
  • NPCs and simple quests
  • Music & sound fx
  • Rankings (high scores)
  • Badges (achievements)

Planned features

  • Arena
  • New NPCs
  • New monsters
  • New items
  • New badges
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1.6.3 released!

  • Added: Journal (now I think I should have named it “Dungeon journal”)
  • Added: Alternative quest for the troll blacksmith
  • Added: New glyph - armor of displacement
  • Added: New glyph - armor of entanglement
  • Added: Non-rectangular rooms
  • Added: New fonts
  • Added: Additional info in rankings
  • Changed: New level layouts
  • Changed: Field of view is “round” now
  • Changed: Inscribed armors are more common now
  • Changed: Arcane styli are rarer now
  • Fixed: Several bugs and typos

…and more…

1.6.1 released!

1.6.1 released!


Not too many additions and changes here: armor glyphs, new quest-giving NPC...

1.6.0 released!

1.6.0 released!


This is the first non-beta release. Main features: NPCs and simple quests, chasms, backstory texts and new visual effects.

Plans for the next update

Plans for the next update


After releasing yesterday’s hotfixes (there were two of them) I consider PD to be in a satisfactory state from the “number-of-bugs-per-feature”...

Pixel Dungeon 0.5.4 released!

Pixel Dungeon 0.5.4 released!

News 3 comments

Pixel Dungeon 0.5.4 released! The focus of this update was mainly on visual aspect of the game, I tried to make it a little more animated. But there are...

indiegamelaunchpad - - 3 comments

Watch Jupiter Hadley play Pixel Dungeon at Indiegamelaunchpad.io

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NotGamerButPlayer - - 14 comments

A game that made my bigger brother buy a smartphone to can play it.
These graphics are awesome and the gameplay is amazing. Even though I'm struggling to reach deeper in the dungeon, it's one of the best games to play on your smartphone. Love it

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

The rogue is too weak. He has no interesting abillitys like critical hits when attackinv from stealth or unseen. He should get at leat a little attack bonus when attacking enemys that havent seen him yet. In my oppinion its an unplayable character because its so hard even to kill goo when your not verry lucky and find some good gear. Same for the huntress. She gets 18 damage from animated statues on her 15 health on lvl 1. Much too low hp too be usefull. Please fix that. I actually think that the boomerang is a kind of cool item but if you get oneshoted, than its not funny to play her.

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jkashb - - 1 comments

You're wrong. Assassins get critical hits when attacking from stealth/unseen.

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BlackerHP - - 3 comments

Best Game ever ²

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katuiche - - 5 comments

and free :)

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Best game ever :)

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