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Pity Please! Is a Casual Indie Survival Simulation RPG where you travel as a vagrant, panhandling your way to success! It's a game about mastering the lifestyle of being homeless. You'll need to keep yourself well fed and healthy while keeping an eye out for the police! It's all about survival, exploration, and exploiting societal systems for survival. Coming to PC & Mobile

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Welcome to our 10th Development Log! In this update, we're thrilled to share the latest improvements and features that make Pity Please! an even more captivating survival experience. We've added a sophisticated weather system, enhanced pedestrian movements, done some environmental detailing, fully stocked island stores, and a streamlined user interface! We hope this will offer a more engaging and realistic journey through the challenges of the homeless lifestyle.

Weather System Update

One crucial aspect of homelessness is the constant battle with the environment. Pity Please! incorporates a sophisticated weather system to reflect that struggle. We've developed the system to track the weather patterns of the island, including air pressure, humidity, temperature, and local storm events. It also accurately represents the day-night and yearly weather cycles, like seasons. This weather system will significantly influence various aspects of the game's simulation, from your body's temperature to it's metabolism.

Godot's particle system helps us bring these weather states to life, whether it's a calm, sunny afternoon or a thunderstorm filled with heavy rain and lightning. Adapt and survive, Mother Nature waits for no one!

Devlog 10 weather

Pedestrian Enhancements

We've been under the hood, tweaking and fine-tuning to deliver a superior gameplay experience - particularly beneficial in the panhandling minigame. The pedestrian movement has received a significant update, now utilizing a more efficient tile-based transition system. This not only aligns their walking speed with the player character but also gives a lot more fluid and responsive pedestrian animations.

Devlog 10 Panhandle

Detailing The World

In our ongoing effort to elevate the game's realism, we've added more intricate environmental details! The beach now features sun umbrellas, towels, beach balls, and cooler boxes, enhancing the sense of a lively island. Fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the visual improvements made to fishing piers, adding another layer of immersion for when you're getting your next meal! Beyond that, we've also enriched urban spaces like the University with bicycle parking and planting additional trees and bushes.

Devlog 10 Details

Retail Therapy

All the stores on the island, from the Supermarket to Fast Food joints and Tailors to Gift Shops, are now fully stocked with a variety of items to cater to your wants and needs. Whether you're hunting for daily essentials like food and drinks, or seeking new clothing, the island's shops have got you covered!

Shop 'til you drop and enjoy the convenience of finding everything you need to survive!

Devlog 10 Retail

User Interface Overhaul

Say goodbye to screen clutter! We've revamped the game's User Interface and the new UI design is compact and unobtrusive, giving you more screen real estate to immerse yourself in the game world!


Thanks For Reading!

With that, we conclude devlog number 10.

Thank you for your continued support of Pity Please! We can't wait to share more with you soon.

Steam: Store.steampowered.com
Twitter: Twitter.com
Discord: Discord.gg
YouTube: Youtube.com

Pity Please! Devlog #9

Pity Please! Devlog #9


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Pity Please! Devlog #8

News 1 comment

It’s 2023! So, what have we been working on since our last devlog? New Icons, Character Generator, Map Updates, Equipment Window and more!

Pity Please! Devlog #7

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We’ve got some good news, and some bad news for Devlog number seven…

Pity Please! Devlog #6

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Guest - - 695,517 comments

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Guest - - 695,517 comments

As someone whos been homeless, I dont really see how this is supposed to be fun. Its a degrading, sad way to go through life.

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PityPleaseTheGame Creator
PityPleaseTheGame - - 1 comments

Firstly, we just want to note that homeless life can be a horrible thing, and many people will understandably get the wrong first impression of the game. We're really sorry that you've had such a bad experience in your life, and hope the future is better for you.

Having said that, while your experience may vary, the director of the game is someone who spent years on the streets, and it was the most rewarding and challenging experience of his life. It has dramatically changed how he views the world. It's overcoming adversity and thriving, that's the human story. However, it's just the same as some war veterans having problems playing FPS games perhaps its not the right game for them, where others will enjoy it because of their past experience.

The unique challenges being homeless brings is something he thought was worth exploring as well as the somewhat secret culture of traveling hobos. As far as degradation, that is NEVER our intent. Its precisely the opinion that being homeless is degradation in and of itself is one of the reasons we want to make this game. To show another side to the story!

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