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Pirates is a multiplayer FPS themed in the 18th century Caribbean. You are placed in the role of a pirate and will find yourself battling other pacts, competing for precious booty, and working together to pillage and plunder ports and villages...

FP perspective + Over shoulder for TP perspective

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First person was added back in and is toggled for now via the C key.

While wielding the musket you can go toggle an aim-mode via right mouse button.

I show how this looks in both first person, and third person.
In third person, the camera zooms into an 'over the shoulder' perspective.

This is still very early, so as it goes with alpha content it will look rough as were mainly testing in this phase, so keep that in mind as you watch some of our video updates.

The bullets fire at a slow rate for testing where they are going.
We have to make sure they fire with the angle of the gun properly, and that they are hitting centre.

Many animations are rough because they were rushed for our coders to have and use for testing.