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Pew Pew Recoil is a shooter platformer where your guns have massive recoil, which you must use to navigate the levels while also dealing with enemies. It takes elements of classic NES platformers like MegaMan and Ninja Gaiden, modernize them, and adds a unique twist in the form of the recoil physics. You play as a prototype combat robot, and must complete level upon level of tests to prove your worth. Although these tests start out easy, they become increasingly difficult, and you must use your wits, your skills, and all of your arsenal to overcome them.

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Pew Pew Recoil Released


Pew Pew Recoil has been released. I'd say finally, but I just posted this profile to IndieDB yesterday, so I guess that wouldn't be right. Either way, you can play the game for free, either in your web browser or via the standalone downloads at the following links. Note that the web version doesn't work with Google Chrome because the browser no longer supports the Unity web player.

Full game available free on:

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