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Outbreak is a Sci-Fi racing game, with unique game mechanics.

Set a near future, you see yourself stuck in a strange room. That room is connected to a number of different challenges. The only way to get out is to complete all of them.

With an unique art style, built in UDK, Outbreak will hopefully deliver an enjoyable experience with it's skill-based, fast-paced challenges.

The demo I'm woking on will be fairly short, containing about 4~5 levels, which are also small. Remember it's a demo. After release, I have no idea what is going to happen to the game. It really depends if it's popular or not.

If you like the idea, some feedback would be lovely ;)

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Oubreak is being released to the public! Yay!

But before you start playing, I recommend you read this blog post, regarding some known bugs and comments on each of the tracks.

Okay, so the game you're going to download and play is exactly the same from the presentation I had on the 4th of february, just translated into english (but you can also download the original version in pt-br).

And because it was a presentation, I could speak a little bit whenever something unexpected happened, or if I wanted to comment on a certain section of a track.

So that's what this blog post is for :D!

Please keep in mind that I made this game trying to minimize coding, because I have no idea how to write the first line of code, and I don't know anyone who can code well enough to help me with this.

with that out of the way, I'll start with of the most important things, like known bugs, so far only two:

• The car I'm seeing here is UDK's scorpion, what happened to the car in the images? Well, this one is sad. I have no idea what happened. the scripts for the custom car got somehow corrupted and it was having some odd behaviour. So I changed it back to the scorpion and I'm trying to fix the car code, but so far no luck. Just ignore it for now, the scorpion works fine.

• When the car lands upside down, there's no way of getting it back up. Sadly it's one of the things I couldn't fix. So far you have to close the game and open it again. When this happens, I recommend using the Arcade mode to go back directly to the challenge you were on.

Also, in case you don't know, you can activate a turbo pressing space. Withouth it you can't go very far in the game.

Well, these were the absolute necessary you needed to know. The following is a little more specific, I'd love if you continued reading. Most of your question will probably be answered below, so I really recommend you continue, but if you don't want to, it's not crucial

Now to the more specific stuff.

I used ten slides as a presentation, which will all the linked.

First slide: Well, this is the game I've been developing for a while, it's called outbreak. *next one*

Second slide: (TRANSLATION: Outbreak is a racing sci-fi game) I read that and add: There's also a lot of action, as the gameplay is very fast paced and skill-based. Also, I think the sci-fi futuristic setting worked pretty well with the genre.

Third slide: (TRANSLATION: The player find himself lost in a strange room, and he has no idea how the got there. His only option to scape is to listen to a misterious voice that orders him to go to through suicide tests.) I didn't develop much of a story, because I'm not the best writer, and I wouldn't have enough time to add a complex one into the game. This is more of a excuse for the game to happen than really a story.

Fourth slide: (TRANSLATION: Room) This is the "strange room" you find youself in, as you can see, it's pretty inviting, but the good part is the corridor, which is not shown in the screenshot.

Fifth slide: This is a screenshot of one of the gameplay levels, I decided to capture this place in particular because I want to talk a little bit about it. Inside the game you'll find some areas where it's difficult to go through, but there's no reward in doing so, and you can completely skip it. It's because I ran a little bit short on time, and I couldn't implement the reward. At the end of these harder sections there would be an additional point, which would give you an overall higher score. This is one of those areas.

Sixth slide: Well, this is another screenshot on the same level. As you can see, it apparently just goes down, but the "finish line" in all the levels is kinda like a ..."bucket?" This part of the track is just so you can experiment with the controls a bit, and prepare to fall inside the bucket finish line :D.

Seventh slide: (TRANSLATION: Car) This is a screenshot of when the car used to work. It is inside UDK already with the materials applied. But sadly in the current demo, it just doesn't work.

Eight slide: (TRANSLATION: Eletric field) Now some of the mechanics you'll be seeing in OutBreak! As the name sugests, this is a eletric field. if you go through it, your car explodes. It also can move to intercept the player.

Ninth slide: (TRANSLATION: Land mine) As you can see, this is a land mine, small, but very deadly. Often in large numbers.

Tenth slide: (TRANSLATION: Anti gravity field) This is an anti-gravity field. Basically when the car is in it, it reverses the gravity, so you thrust upward a litte bit.

Then I start playing the game. Now the last 2 things that I want to talk about I'll ask you to play through everything first, rage quit on the 4th track, and then come back and read it :D

First thing: WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENED AT THE SECOND TRACK, MAN? I know, I know. I made that "loop" explode because it just wasn't fun to go through it. you had to go slowly. If you had too much speed, you wouldn't be able to control your car and fall to your death too easily. So I made it explode and it was much more fun :D

Second thing: WHAT THE F*CK IS THE FOURTH CHALLENGE, MAN?! I know, I know. That is too dificult on purpose. I had plans to implement a "impossible mode" for the game, but I only had one track for that. So instead of having 3 tracks on the normal mode and 1 on the impossible mode, I decided to make the impossible track the 4th track of the normal one. No, that is not gonna stay that way. I'll either make more of these super hard levels or remove the 4th one completely.

WHEW, I think that's it :D

I hope you enjoy oubreak!

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OutBreak Demo (PT-BR)

OutBreak Demo (PT-BR)


Baixar a versão beta de OutBreak na linguagem português do Brasil!

OutBreak Demo (English)

OutBreak Demo (English)


Download the demo for outbreak in the english language!

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